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Fatburger Offers New LTO Milkshake and Burger

2014-04-04 Fatburger introduced two options to their menu: the Strawnana Milkshake and the Big Smoky BBQ Fatburger, available through July 7.

Fatburger Stirs Up New LTOs

2014-01-14  ...

Fatburger Arrives in United Arab Emirates Capital

2014-01-07 Fatburger, the all-American, Hollywood burger franchise, has opened its first location in the United Arab Emirates’ second largest city, Abu Dhabi.

Fatburger Opens New Detroit Location

2013-12-20 Fatburger, the Hollywood-based burger chain, announced the opening of its newest location in Detroit.

Fatburger and Buffalo’s Cafe Partner for Full Service

2013-11-04 Fatburger, the Hollywood-based burger franchise, opened its first full-service, co-branded location with sister brand Buffalo’s Cafe in Seattle.

Fatburger Mixes It Up with Fall LTOs

2013-10-23 Fatburger is now offering the Red Velvet Milkshake and the Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard Mushroom Swiss Fatburger now through the holidays.

Fatburger Continues Expanding Throughout Northern Africa

2013-09-10 Fatburger, an All-American burger franchise, has opened its first location in Tunisia.

Fatburger Heats Up the Menu with New Sauces

2013-09-04 Fatburger, an all-American burger franchise, introduces Buffalo’s Saucy Fatburgers and Sandwiches, utilizing sauces from sister brand, Buffalo’s Café.

Fatburger Beats the Heat with Orange Creamsicle Shake

2013-08-14 Fatburger, an iconic burger franchise, is now offering the Orange Creamsicle Shake for a limited time, available now until October 7.

Fatburger Location Reopens as a Co-Branded Unit

2013-08-14 Fatburger announces the reopening of its location in Pomona, California, with its sister brand, Buffalo’s Café.