Figaro’s Acquires Nick-N-Willy’s Pizza Chain

Figaro’s Italian Pizza, Inc. announced today that it has completed the previously announced acquisition of the 17-unit Nick-N-Willy’s chain of baked and take & bake pizzerias.

Nick-N-Willy’s started in Colorado in 1988. Today, it is known for the highest quality pizza, offered in nine states from Wisconsin to California.

Ron Berger, Figaro’s chairman and CEO, said today that he had been looking at acquiring the chain since 2001, wanting to add its gourmet pizzerias to the Figaro’s collection of top-quality pizza restaurants.

A Brand Salute

David J. Thomas never planned on a career in franchising. When he left the military after a 12-year stint as an Army officer, Thomas went back to school to become a teacher. To help make ends meet, he began delivering meals on the side for an emerging concept called Steak-Out.

Before long, Thomas, who had overseen operations for a mess hall during a tour of duty in South Korea, was inquiring about opening his own Steak-Out restaurant, attracted by the promise of working within a proven system not unlike that of his former government employer.