French Fry Heaven

French Fry Heaven CEO Completes U.S. Fry Tour

Some entrepreneurs will stop at nothing to make their dream of growing a national franchise come true—even if it means leaving their families behind to drive a food truck around the country, alone, against all odds and facing nature's elements, to attract potential franchisees.


That's exactly what French Fry Heaven founder and CEO Scott Nelowet did, and says he would do again in a heartbeat.


Heaven on Earth: Brand Puts the French Fry Front and Center

For many quick-service restaurants, french fries are low on the innovation priority list, one of multiple side options that accompany the all-important main dish. But for Scott Nelowet, CEO and founder of French Fry Heaven, french fries are the main event, a menu item with endless possibilities.

French Fry Heaven Gets Creative with Fry App

French fries are not commonly a topic of confusion, but when one company created more than 50 unique fry flavors, the plot thickens. French Fry Heaven, the first and only gourmet fry franchise, just launched a mobile application that helps consumers understand the wacky fries they offer through fun, flying potatoes, and prizes.