Wonder Food

Look, up on the table! It’s a burdock. It’s a plantain. It’s … superfood!

Although there’s nothing really super-heroic about eating nutrition-rich fruits and vegetables, the foods give customers an opportunity to pursue healthier options at a time when many Americans are trying to rein in their eating habits. As such, these ingredients are showing up on more limited-service restaurant

Freshii Launches New ‘Green Wrap’

Freshii is celebrating the launch of its newest menu item, the Green Wrap, as the next addition to its super food line up. Made from a collard green leaf, Freshii is revolutionizing the wrap and expanding its mission ‘Eat.Energize’ by elevating healthy eating for even the busiest people. Be the first to try this delicious new menu item and enjoy samples throughout the week.

Freshii CEO to Appear on "Undercover Boss Canada"

Freshii founder and CEO Matthew Corrin has always been involved in the inner workings of his company. He regularly travels around the world, supporting Freshii restaurants and taking a hands-on approach in opening new locations.

Now, Corrin is putting on a disguise and going undercover in his own Canadian franchises on W Network’s “Undercover Boss Canada,” airing Thursday, March 7, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Corrin’s commitment to the Freshii brand is evident. Within just seven short years, Freshii has grown into an international franchise, leading the health-casual industry.

Foreign Exchange

Domestic brands are turning their attention to international markets, opening the door for foreign brands to make inroads in the U.S.

Canada-based Freshii established roots in the U.S. with its fresh food focus.
Canada-based Freshii established roots in the U.S. with its fresh food focus.

Now that many domestic brands are looking overseas for growth opportunities—and with Americans’ taste for ethnic flavors continuing to grow—international quick-service and fast-casual chains are expanding their presence in the U.S. The many up-and-coming operators offer stiff competition to myriad U.S. chains, including those in the chicken, Asian, baked goods, and sandwich categories.

Freshii is Bringing a Fresh Option to Colombian Customers

Freshii, the pioneering “health-casual” food concept, is continuing rapid growth and has recently signed a major master development deal for the entire country of Colombia. 

With 60 stores in operation and more than 400 in development, it is expanding worldwide with the help of franchise development partner Fransmart, a leader in international franchising that has also brought brands such as Elevation Burger and zpizza to the Middle East. 

Freshii Celebrates Four Years in Chicago

There’s a lot of goodness going around at Chicago’s favorite stop for nutrition-conscious people on the go. Freshii is gearing up to honor its four-year anniversary in Chicago with a celebration from June 11-17 at all six locations.

According to CEO Matthew Corrin, Freshii was created in response to a need for convenient, healthy food options.

Freshii's Going Downtown in Baltimore

Freshii, the restaurant known for its fresh ingredients and eco-friendly practices, is coming to Baltimore this spring. With more than 60 locations in the U.S.and around the globe, Freshii’s downtown and Charles Village locations are the first for the Baltimore area.

Featuring nutritious, sustainably grown ingredients, Freshii customers can choose from a menu of chef-designed salads, wraps, rice bowls, yogurts, and soups or opt to “custom build” their meal to create something that is uniquely theirs. 

Freshii's Healthy Food Now More Available to Kids

Freshii, the healthy-eating concept launched in 2005 that has signed deals for new stores around the world, announced the roll out of its new Freshii Kids Menu.

Matthew Corrin, CEO and founder of Freshii, says the kids’ menu lends a hand to its restaurant operators who before had been given the “creative freedom” to figure out kid-sized portions of the concept’s regular meals.