Fro.Zen.Yo Adds Pair of Stores in D.C., VA

Fro.Zen.Yo has opened two new franchised locations, marking the 10th and 11th units to open in the self-serve frozen yogurt chain.

The franchises both opened last week, one on the Howard University campus in Washington, D.C., and the other in Herndon, Virginia.

Franchisees Kevin and Carole McMahon, who opened at Howard University, are thrilled with the early success of their business. 

Fro.Zen.Yo Unveils New Website, Signs on Franchisees

Fro.Zen.Yo self-serve frozen yogurt has taken its website to the next level. After recently announcing its plans to expand worldwide, Fro.Zen.Yo has re-launched its website to include detailed information about its franchise offerings, new product rollouts, breaking news and more. "The company has tripled the amount of locations since the launch of the original website, and we wanted to show our customers and franchisees a web experience that is more consistent with the Fro.Zen.Yo store experience", said Michael Rendelman, director of franchising for Fro.Zen.Yo Franchising LLC.

Fro.Zen.Yo Introduces Co-Brand Franchise Zombie Coffee

April marks the one-year anniversary of the first franchise deal sold for Fro.Zen.Yo, the self-serve frozen yogurt brand. The first franchisee was restaurateur and former NBA champion Kevin Grevey.

This month also includes the addition of Zombie Coffee, a value added self-serve coffee co-brand that promises your coffee in two minutes or less.

Fro.zen.yo Expands in Northern Virginia

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Fro.zen.yo delicious self-serve frozen yogurt announced today that a franchise agreement has been reached to develop additional fro.zen.yo stores in Northern Virginia.

The announcement involves several new family franchise owners: Carole McMahon and Cindy and Nathan Kellogg. Virginia residents, they are excited about the concept and once they identify their first location hope to expand with several stores.

Fro.zen.yo Branches Out Into Virginia, Baltimore

Fro.zen.yo delicious self-serve frozen yogurt announced today that multi-unit franchise agreements have been reached to develop five additional fro.zen.yo stores in northern Virginia and Baltimore over the next three years.

The announcement involves three new franchisee owners: Sam Choe with a location in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore; Brent Park with a location in Fairfax County; and Kevin Grevey with locations in Arlington, Merrifield, and Rosslyn, Virginia.

Boston's Fro Yo Options on the Rise with fro.zen.yo

Fro.zen.yo delicious self-serve frozen yogurt announced today that a multi-unit franchise agreement has been reached to develop two fro.zen.yo stores in downtown Boston.

Licensed franchisee Matthew Coombs’ agreement with fro.zen.yo calls for a minimum of two locations to open in the Backbay and Northeastern University areas. Coombs is considering a number of new retail development areas for the first location, expected to open by March 2012.