Funky Chicken

Standout Store: Funky Chicken

What do you get when you pair a James Beard award–winning chef, his rising-culinary-star son, and a veteran restaurant company? Surprisingly enough, a Houston-based fried chicken joint called Funky Chicken.

Acclaimed chef Bradley Ogden; his son, Bryan; and the skilled team at Bradley Ogden Hospitality (BOH) opened the 70-seat eatery last December, a departure from the group’s upscale projects. The farm-to-table fast casual features farm-raised roasted and fried chicken alongside buttermilk biscuits, bread pudding, natural sodas, and craft brews.

The Chef Revolution

The story of the future of the foodservice industry starts with a man, a man who trained to become a chef, a chef who wanted to do things differently. Or maybe it was that all he could afford to do was something different. But in his first restaurant, different is what he did: different service format, different ingredients, different sourcing partners, different idea of what was possible outside of the fine-dining arena.