Good Stuff Eatery

Spike Mendelsohn’s Burger Brand Heading to Saudi Arabia

Before the Mendelsohn family opened their first Good Stuff Eatery on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., they made sure they were absolutely prepared. Instead of hastily opening multiple units, the family focused on getting things right with the pilot location, a meticulous approach that turned the eatery into one of D.C.’s most popular fast-casual burger joints.

The Chef Revolution

The story of the future of the foodservice industry starts with a man, a man who trained to become a chef, a chef who wanted to do things differently. Or maybe it was that all he could afford to do was something different. But in his first restaurant, different is what he did: different service format, different ingredients, different sourcing partners, different idea of what was possible outside of the fine-dining arena.

Spike Mendelsohn Rolls Out the Good Stuff

Courtesy of Good Stuff Eatery

Celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn wants to bring customers the good stuff. The former Top Chef contestant is prepared to franchise his family’s fast-casual burger concept, Good Stuff Eatery.

Opened in July 2008 on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., the original Good Stuff Eatery took about a year to brand and construct, Mendelsohn says, because franchising was always the plan. Since then, two additional company locations have opened, one each in Arlington, Virginia’s downtown Crystal City and in D.C.’s Georgetown neighborhood.