Good Times Burgers

Good Times Restaurants had a good time on the stock market last year. The 39-unit, Golden, Colorado–based burger chain used growing same-store sales and a new breakfast menu to help double its stock price during 2012, making the company the best equity performer among restaurant chains for...

Good Times Restaurants announced its same-store sales increased 6.8 percent for the month of November.

Same-store sales decreased .9 percent for its fourth fiscal quarter ended September 30, 2012; however road construction materially impacted two restaurants, and without those disruptions...

The new advertising campaign for Colorado-based burger joint Good Times is using some traditional media platforms—as well as a good dose of humor—to support the chain’s popular custard and shake products this summer.

The Rich & Cold campaign centers on the products...

Franchising veteran James A. DeBolt will act as Good Times's new vice president of franchise sales and development effective October 1, 2007.
Good Times Restaurants Inc. today announced the conversion from frozen Coleman all-natural beef patties to an all-natural fresh product. Under the premise of "Fresh Never Frozen," Good Times continues to increase the variety of freshness and fresh ingredients used to meet their customers' needs.
An additional seven to eight Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard/Taco John’s co-branded units are scheduled to open in Colorado and North Dakota within the year.
Under the agreement, Taco John's will become a franchisee of Good Times and will incorporate the two concepts into a test store.
Frozen custard leads to same-store sales increase of 5.8% for the year.
Colorado company aims to draw cream of restaurant management crop
Executives credit the company's new Flavor of the Month program for Good Times' improving numbers, citing the increased traffic brought in by the program.
Storefront facelift coincides with the Colorado-based chain's 15th anniversary
Good Times execs credit the chain's renewed "Feature Flavor of the Month" campaign for driving custard sales in April.
Good Times Restaurants, Inc., announced plans to develop up to 22 additional restaurants in Colorado over the next three years.
Following its successful introduction of frozen custard specialty flavors for the holidays, Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard announced it will launch a series of new specialty flavors
Good Times Restaurants, Inc., says its recent brand rpositioning is driving sales and profits to record highs.
The successful launch of frozen custard offerings has led to a limited-time-only holiday treat at Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard: pumpkin pie frozen custard.
Good Times Restaurants, Inc., announced that its same-store sales for October increased 13.8 percent over the prior year.