Hannah's Bretzel

Summer’s New Twist

Pretzel bread takes off as customers look for premium choices.

Wendy's new pretzel bacon cheeseburger is a successful fast food menu option.
Wendy's earned nationwide buzz with its new Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger. Wendy's

One of the most common questions in foodservice—White or wheat?—has grown to include a new option: pretzel. Quick-service restaurants across the country are capitalizing on a new pretzel-bread trend, taking one of the most popular summer snacks and working it into innovative new menu options.

The Other Side of Super

Superfoods have swept the culinary world into a frenzy, enticing consumers with a taste of the exotic and courting them with nutrition and functionality, to the point where restaurants across the country are trying to stake a claim in this fledgling movement.

Quick-service restaurants are keeping in stride, and many have ventured beyond the common açai and goji berry superfruits, as well as the kale super vegetable. Many quick serves are now leveraging a wider spectrum of superfoods, using whole grains, nuts, and seeds in fresh and innovative ways.

Good to Be Green

Operators slow to warm to sustainable strategies.

Hannah's Bretzel uses a range of sustainable tools to improve its business.
Hannah's Bretzel uses a range of sustainable tools to improve its business.

Once a branding premium, going green has become a common business strategy influencing nearly every decision in the manufacturing and retail industries.

But many quick-service operators, struggling with tight margins and looking for cost effectiveness, remain hesitant at diving head first into the sustainability movement.

“The idea of green restaurants is still pretty new,” says Florian Pfahler, founder of Hannah’s Bretzel, the self-proclaimed “greenest sandwich shop in Chicago.”