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Wilbur Hardee, Founder of Hardee's, Dies at 89

2008-06-23 Wilbur Hardee, 89, founder of Hardee's restaurants, passed away on Friday, June 20, 2008.

Hardee's Adds Strawberry Biscuit to Menu

2008-06-17 Hardee’s announces the addition of the Strawberry Biscuit to its breakfast menu.

CKE to Open 25 Hardee's Locations in Pakistan

2008-06-17 CKE Restaurants Inc. announces that they have signed development agreements to expand in Pakistan.

Carl's Jr.'s and Hardee's Web Sites Go 3D

2008-05-28 Online visitors to the Carl's Jr.'s and Hardee's Web sites can now explore and interact on the Web in 3D.

And the Newest Thickburger Is...

2008-05-14 Move over Monster Burger! Hardee's expands its Thickburger menu with an offering the company calls its most decadent yet.

Largest Hardee's Franchisee Tests Self-Service Kiosks

2008-03-10 Boddie-Noell Enterprises has partnered with EMN8 to test self-service kiosks in a three-store pilot.

Hardee's Buys Naming Rights to Summit Center

2008-02-22 The newly renamed 'Hardee's Iceplex' will feature the first privately-funded S.A.R.A.A. alert display in the St. Louis Area...

CKE Settles Food Safety Concerns

2008-02-19 In response to questions from customers and investors, CKE announced that it has not purchased meat from the recalled brands.

Hardee's Brings Back the Jalapeño Thickburger

2008-02-14 The company is bringing back the popular menu item because consumers have been e-mailing the fast-food chain to request its return.

New Beverage Agreement for CKE

2008-02-07 Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages will have two fountain brands available in all U.S. Carl's Jr. and Hardee's restaurants, including Dr Pepper and either Diet Dr Pepper or Squirt, depending on location.