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Hardee's Giveaway Would Honor First Franchisee

2004-01-30 Hardee's will give everyone in Charlotte a free hamburger if the Panthers win Super Bowl XXXVIII this Sunday. The giveaway honors Hardee's first franchisee -- Panthers owner Jerry Richardson.

CKE Restaurants, Inc. and Coca-Cola Fountain

2003-01-29 Coca-Cola brands are the refreshment Beverages ofcChoice at CKE’s Hardee’s®, Carl’s Jr.®, and La Salsa® brands...

Hardee's Breaks Rank from Competition with New Premium Burger Menu

2003-01-21 With the rollout of a new menu featuring 1/3- to 2/3-pound, Angus beef burgers, Hardee’s will eliminate up to 40 existing items at lunch and dinner.

CKE Expects Weak Same-Store Sales

2002-09-24 Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. expected to stagnate or lag behind through end of fiscal year.

Hardees Unveils Three New Television Ads for the Six Dollar Burger

2002-08-29 The new ads will focus on the industry acclaim the Six Dollar Burger has earned in recent months...

CKE Restaurants, Inc. Reports Period 7 Same-Store Sales

2002-08-19 New products are expected to be rolled out this fall and winter at Hardees.

Hardee's Introduces Loaded Omelet Biscuit

2002-07-08 Omelet sandwich for meat lovers is latest addition to Hardee's breakfast menu...

CKE Restaurants, Inc. Initiates Monthly Same-Store Sales Reporting

2002-06-24 CKE plans to announce period same-store sales within two to three days business days after the close of a given period...

Hardee's Debuts Philly Roast Beef Sandwich

2002-06-17 On the heels of the success of its Six-Dollar Burger, Hardee's introduces a second "Without the Restaurant" sandwich...

Hardee's Donates $25,000 to St. Louis Race for the Cure™

2002-04-29 Hardee's gift of $25,000 will help support the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's research and outreach programs in the St. Louis area where the chain is headquartered.