Krispy Kreme released its pumpkin-themed fall lineup a month early this year.

Pumpkin reigns as operators rush to capitalize on popular seasonal trends.

Double Sausage, Egg ‘N’ Cheese Biscuit consists of folded egg, two sausage patties, and two slices of American cheese on Made From Scratch biscuit.
RealtyLink LLC sells Greenville unit to private investment group for $1,195,000.
January 2010

Money is tighter. Consumers are crabbier. So are many employees. But some executives say the recession has made it even more important for chains to leverage better service into happier patrons.

“Customers have limited funds these days and use more...

Biscuits will sell in packages of one, two, or six at participating Hardee's.
TBS special deems "A vs. B," which promoted the chain's Biscuit Holes, as "Funniest Commercial of the Year."
Boddie-Noell Hardee's in Virginia use "Buy a Star, Be a Fan" campaign to raise more than $55,000 for Special Olympics.
At least 25 Hardee’s restaurants will be opened in Pakistan within the next five years.
Portobello Mushroom Melt Thickburger to be sold for $3.79 at participating locations.
Transaction closes escrow on November 17 for approximately $1,229,000.
Boddie-Noell Enterprises has raised $1 million through 29-year partnership with Special Olympics Virginia.
To celebrate the University of North Carolina's 100th year in college basketball, Hardee's is taking prime sponsorship.
Company adds Oscar Mayer Fried Bologna Biscuit to breakfast lineup.
Largest Hardee's operator in U.S. says Biscuit Hole promotional spots go too far, refuses to air them.
Shirley Jones of Durham, North Carolina Hardee's takes home the award.
Roll out of French Dip Thickburger to be promoted with French Maid mascots.
Biscuit Holes introduced with ad campaign that asks customers to name the product.
Humane treatment of egg-laying hens at the heart of the issue.
Digital television network to be featured in 133 of the chain's locations.
RealtyLink recently opened Arby's and Hardee's locations in Alabama and Florida.
Same-store sales for CKE fell 2.7 percent for period two.