Krispy Kreme released its pumpkin-themed fall lineup a month early this year.

Pumpkin reigns as operators rush to capitalize on popular seasonal trends.

Each cup has an instant peel-and-win chance at one of 40,000 prizes, including a trip to the 2010 Coca-Cola 600.
'Top Chef'host Padma Lakshmi will star in new ad for CKE's Western Bacon Cheeseburger.
The HSUS is asking shareholders to vote on whether McDonald's-U.S. should join Burger King, Quizos, Hardee's, and more in using eggs from cage-free hens.
Hardee's and Carl's Jr. president explains why same-store sales fell during a four-week period last month.
Animal rights groups are growing in the U.S. and they're taking aim at quick-serves.
Entries to the company's "Ad Generator" contest will promote the Little Thickburger in 16 original commercials, instead of one or two as expected.
The chain will offer a new sandwich on Texas Toast to early-morning customers.
Big shots and big donations at the Dean E. Smith Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
The store will test several eco-friendly initiatives that could spread to other CKE stores.
Refusing to enter into a tit-for-tat pricing war with other quick-serves has helped Carl's Jr. and Hardee's post impressive numbers during the economic crisis.
With the debut of two new training programs, CKE vows not to lose its edge as it expands at home and abroad.
One grand-prize winner will get tickets to a Carolina-Duke match up.
The recession hasn't stopped CKE Restaurants Inc. from surpassing its refranchising goals.
CKE Restaurants, Inc. reports positive period 12 blended same-store sales.
Two new menu items are in, but one classic didn't make the cut.
Income was $5.4 million versus $6.2 million for the same time last year.
Americana Group S.A.K. will build 12 Carl’s Jr. restaurants in Kazakhstan over the next five years.
Carl's Jr. and Hardee's partner with rock band Rev Theory.
The Carl's Jr. and Hardee's sites have an updated look, expanded interactivity, and new customer loyalty program.
Two versions of Hardee's new Little Thickburgers will sell for $1.99