Jack in the Box

Key to Millennial Engagement

Traditional and social media are no longer sure-fire ways to attract younger consumers.

Taco Bell sponsored a film focused on popular rock band Passion Pit.
Indie band Passion Pit perform as part of Taco Bell's new film "Hello Everywhere."

Today’s young adults and teenagers—Millennials and Gen Z—are a coveted consumer demographic in quick service and are driving industry trends. Reaching these consumers, however, is an evolving process, especially since some experts believe traditional media and Facebook use are on the decline among members of those demographics.

A few quick-serve and fast-casual concepts have caught on to the trend and are trying outside-the-box marketing tactics to attract younger consumers.

Jack in the Box Invites Guests to Vine Their Experience

Jack in the Box announced the launch of a new summer promotional campaign utilizing the mobile video platform Vine. Developed by their digital agency of record, Struck, the campaign consists of 101 videos showing Jack in the Box customers how to "Go Big,” a promotional theme reflected in such recent menu additions as Jack’s Big Stack, Big Waffle Stack, Loaded Chili Cheese Wedges, and Really Big Chicken Sandwich.


Under the Wing

Early on in his career, Jim Amos, chairman and former CEO of Tasti D-Lite, would make it his mission to track down his mentor, a business leader who hated flying so much that he would drive his personal coach around the country to various meetings and engagements.

“I would call his secretary and find out where he was, and I would fly into the city just to sit in his coach and talk to him as he was driving, and learn from him,” Amos says. “I learned a great deal from this gentleman, not just about business, but certainly about life and relationships.”

The Story of the Sea

Customers are increasingly interested in the story behind their food. That’s good news for the seafood industry.

The fish used for McDonald’s Fish McBites and Filet-O-Fish sandwich is not local. Nor is the product used for Long John Silver’s Whitefish Fillet. Same goes for Wendy’s Premium Fish Fillet Sandwich, Jack in the Box’s Fish Sandwich, and Quiznos’ Lobster and Seafood Salad.

Not local, that is, unless the consumer lives in a place where the sun might not come up until 9:30 a.m., depending on the time of year. A place where even Subway and Starbucks have not ventured. A place at the edge of the world.

Jack in the Box Unveils Duo of Enhanced, "Offbeat" Websites

Struck, a digital-forward creative agency located in Salt Lake City and with offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Portland, announced the launch of a new website the shop has created for Jack in the Box restaurants.

Driven by the mobile-first behavior of its fan base and inspired by the quick-service chain’s quirky brand and fictional CEO, the new consumer-centric site provides an experience that is designed to surprise and entertain visitors in unexpected ways.

Jack in the Box Plants the Seeds for Refranchising

Jack in the Box Inc. disclosed the details of two refranchising transactions that were included in the company’s fourth-quarter operating results, which were announced on November 19.

On August 20, the company sold to RRH-Austin 35 Jack in the Box restaurants in Austin, Texas, and on September 24, the company sold to JIB QSR Oklahoma seven Jack in the Box restaurants in its Oklahoma City market.

Proceeds related to the sale of these 42 restaurants totaled approximately $19.1 million.