industry headlines

McDonald's and Yum! Wages Examined

2007-03-30 Chinese labor officials are investigating both companies on claims that they underpay part-time workers in Guangdong.

KFC Brand To Be Franchised in Brazil

2007-03-29 The agreement between Brazil Fast Food and Yum! Brands was announced today.

KFC Menu Item Receives Top Spot

2007-03-27 Consumers rank KFC Famous Bowls as the Most Memorable New Product Launch of 2006.

KFC-Taco Bell Responds to Rat Footage

2007-02-27 Yum! Brands President says company will cooperate with New York City health officials.

KFC Asks Pope to Bless New Fish Snacker Sandwich

2007-02-26 New Fish Snacker offers modern take on 'loaves and fishes' for today's lenten observers.

Rats Found at N.Y. Taco Bell-KFC

2007-02-23 News footage of the rats makes its way to the Internet as Yum Brand shares fall 1 percent.

Michigan to Join Debate on Trans Fats

2007-02-06 Michigan Rep. Lee Gonzales announces a plan to phase out trans fats by July 2008.

KFC's Re-Imaging Brings About Change

2006-11-14 KFC’s new re-imaging campaign has brought about great change for its restaurant logo design and advertising tactics.

KFC Chicken to be Trans Fat-Free By April 2007

2006-10-30 The chain's U.S. will switch to low linolenic soybean oil, a zero trans fat cooking oil, by April 2007.

KFC Faces Trans Fats Suit

2006-06-14 The Center for Science in the Public Interest and the Washington, DC, law firm of Heideman Nudelman & Kalik, P.C., filed suit against KFC over its use of partially hydrogenated oil.