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McDonald’s, KFC Could Allow Chinese Unions

2007-04-07 Amid allegations that McDonald’s and KFC restaurants in China have been underpaying employees, the two fast food companies are expected to allow the establishment of labor unions,...

McDonald's and Yum! Wages Examined

2007-03-30 Chinese labor officials are investigating both companies on claims that they underpay part-time workers in Guangdong.

KFC Brand To Be Franchised in Brazil

2007-03-29 The agreement between Brazil Fast Food and Yum! Brands was announced today.

KFC Menu Item Receives Top Spot

2007-03-27 Consumers rank KFC Famous Bowls as the Most Memorable New Product Launch of 2006.

KFC-Taco Bell Responds to Rat Footage

2007-02-27 Yum! Brands President says company will cooperate with New York City health officials.

KFC Asks Pope to Bless New Fish Snacker Sandwich

2007-02-26 New Fish Snacker offers modern take on 'loaves and fishes' for today's lenten observers.

Rats Found at N.Y. Taco Bell-KFC

2007-02-23 News footage of the rats makes its way to the Internet as Yum Brand shares fall 1 percent.

Michigan to Join Debate on Trans Fats

2007-02-06 Michigan Rep. Lee Gonzales announces a plan to phase out trans fats by July 2008.

KFC's Re-Imaging Brings About Change

2006-11-14 KFC’s new re-imaging campaign has brought about great change for its restaurant logo design and advertising tactics.

KFC Chicken to be Trans Fat-Free By April 2007

2006-10-30 The chain's U.S. will switch to low linolenic soybean oil, a zero trans fat cooking oil, by April 2007.