Krispy Kreme

Who’s Working in Your Kitchen?

Recent crackdowns signal to restaurant operators that the government is ready to end illegal hiring.

Recent government crackdowns on Chipotle and Pei Wei that forced both concepts to at least temporarily close locations have reminded restaurant operators that the government is taking illegal immigration very seriously.

The two incidents, in which illegal immigrants were found to be in each quick serve’s employ, came almost two years after the Obama administration decided to rein in the employers who hired illegal immigrants rather than go after the employees themselves, which had been the primary strategy up to that point.

Christmas Comes Early in Krispy Kreme Offerings

Mixing old favorites with new joyful delights, Krispy Kreme is offering a holiday assortment until December 26. The jolly combo includes Krispy Kreme's classic seasonal favorites, including the Snowman Doughnut with white icing and a festive red scarf, the Wreath Doughnut with red-iced holly berries and a bow, and the Chocolate Iced Glazed Doughnut with holiday sprinkles.