For Cyber Monday, Krystal Rolls Out Collectible Travel Mugs

The Krystal Company, known in the South for its square burgers, will be quenching guests’ thirst for savings this holiday season. Starting Cyber Monday, December 1, each Krystal restaurant will have an exclusive stock of 100 collectible travel cups available for purchase. The branded travel mug can then be brought to any participating Krystal location for unlimited 40-cent coffee refills through July 1, 2015.

Secret's Out: Krystal Shares Its Stuffing Recipe

This holiday season, The Krystal Company, known for its small square burgers, is spreading cheer by spreading the word about its own favorite holiday recipe for Thanksgiving stuffing. The once-secret recipe will be printed on limited-edition steamer pack boxes. In conjunction with the rollout of the recipe, the brand is partnering with Big Easy Foods, a producer of the TurDucHen holiday treat, to promote a new holiday favorite—the TurKRucHen: a turkey stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a hen, stuffed with Krystal stuffing. 

Krystal Celebrates 82 Years with Daylong Promo

On Tuesday, October 21, more than 350 Krystal restaurants in the Southeastern U.S. will treat guests to a celebration 82 years in the making. This time, the guests get the present—a special deal for 82 cents. Breakfast visitors can enjoy a Sunriser sandwich with a small coffee or Coke for less than a dollar. Lunch, dinner, and late-night visitors can enjoy a small Coke and the square hamburger that made the brand famous, also for 82 cents.

The Krystal Company Drives Growth with New Leadership

The Krystal Company announced additions to its leadership team that are part of an overall growth initiative to build the company into a billion-dollar brand. Seasoned veterans Jason Abelkop and Chris Kermode will join the team as chief marketing officer and vice president of supply chain, respectively. Together the two have 40 years of experience in the foodservice industry.

“We’re setting the stage for brand growth by putting the right team in place—hiring talented people like Chris and Jason and investing in our current staff,” says Doug Pendergast, CEO of The Krystal Company.

Krystal Doubles the Beef in New Stackers

The Krystal Company introduced Krystal Stackers, a new line of its all-beef, grilled-to-order burgers featuring twice the meat and ingredients of the Krystal, adding an indulgent big burger experience to its square bun.

Now available at all 350 Krystal restaurants, Stackers are the first major new product launch since 2010, when the chain rolled out its Game Time Wings. To celebrate, Krystal is offering Stackers at an introductory price of two for $3.

Pigging Out

Pork was promoted for years as “the other white meat” to boost its exposure and dispel consumer perception that it’s too fatty. These days, pork is anything but “other” at many limited-service restaurants, though it’s often under the guise of specific ingredients: Menus mention items like sausage at breakfast, pepperoni for pizzas, and ham on sandwiches. And of course there’s bacon, a foodservice staple made from pork bellies.

Pork is increasingly finding a home on quick-serve menus due to consumers’ evolving tastes and the product’s flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Krystal Sells 1.46 Million Burgers During Anniversary

Krystal’s anniversary party may be over, but the stats are showing a success for the Southern brand. On October 24, over a four-hour period, Krystal fans from Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Jacksonville, Florida, formed lines to take advantage of purchasing Krystals for just a quarter and Cheese Krystals for 30 cents. The results showed a 27 percent increase in sales over last year’s event.

Krystal Celebrates 81st Anniversary

On Thursday, October 24, from 7 to 11 p.m., Krystal will treat guests to its square burgers for 25 cents each and cheese Krystals for 30 cents each.  

The celebration of the brand’s 81st anniversary marks a year of tremendous growth for the company. With a recent brand campaign launch and plans to have 500 stores within the next few years, the Krystal team aims to providing a unique food experience.