Pigging Out

Pork was promoted for years as “the other white meat” to boost its exposure and dispel consumer perception that it’s too fatty. These days, pork is anything but “other” at many limited-service restaurants, though it’s often under the guise of specific ingredients: Menus mention items like sausage at breakfast, pepperoni for pizzas, and ham on sandwiches. And of course there’s bacon, a foodservice staple made from pork bellies.

Pork is increasingly finding a home on quick-serve menus due to consumers’ evolving tastes and the product’s flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Krystal Sells 1.46 Million Burgers During Anniversary

Krystal’s anniversary party may be over, but the stats are showing a success for the Southern brand. On October 24, over a four-hour period, Krystal fans from Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Jacksonville, Florida, formed lines to take advantage of purchasing Krystals for just a quarter and Cheese Krystals for 30 cents. The results showed a 27 percent increase in sales over last year’s event.

Krystal Celebrates 81st Anniversary

On Thursday, October 24, from 7 to 11 p.m., Krystal will treat guests to its square burgers for 25 cents each and cheese Krystals for 30 cents each.  

The celebration of the brand’s 81st anniversary marks a year of tremendous growth for the company. With a recent brand campaign launch and plans to have 500 stores within the next few years, the Krystal team aims to providing a unique food experience.

The Krystal Company Welcomes New COO

President and CEO Douglas R. Pendergast announced that Gary Clough has been named chief operating officer of The Krystal Company. Clough joins one of the South’s best-known brands after serving as senior vice president of operations for the South region with Arby’s. In that position, Clough had oversight of 380 company-owned and 540 franchised restaurants, which made up approximately one third of the Arby’s system. He was responsible for 14 senior directors, 51 area managers, and 10 franchise training leaders.

The Drive-Thru Performance Study

It used to be that speed of service was the most important part of the drive thru. But times have changed.

Fast food drive thrus are slowing down as consumers demand premium menus.
Chick-fil-A averages a whopping 6.09 cars in its drive thru at any given time. chick-fil-a / Stanley Leary

Since the advent of the modern quick-service drive thru—some would say in the early 1970s, though the idea of a pick-up window has been around for much longer—operators have tinkered with the nuts and bolts to create a drive thru that is as fast, efficient, and pleasant as possible. Innovations throughout the years, from wireless headsets and order-confirmation boards to dual lanes and pre-sell signage, have created a better drive thru capable of handling the 60–70 percent of business that now loops the exterior of most quick-service restaurants.

Free Krystals Will Have Braves Fans Cheering

As “America’s Team”, the Atlanta Braves continue their way to a championship, and Krystal Lovers have double the reason to celebrate. Krystal has partnered with the Atlanta Braves Baseball Organization to offer the “Braves Bundle”: two free Krystals with the purchase of fries to every customer who visits their restaurants the day after a Braves victory.