Free Krystals Will Have Braves Fans Cheering

As “America’s Team”, the Atlanta Braves continue their way to a championship, and Krystal Lovers have double the reason to celebrate. Krystal has partnered with the Atlanta Braves Baseball Organization to offer the “Braves Bundle”: two free Krystals with the purchase of fries to every customer who visits their restaurants the day after a Braves victory.


Krystal Welcomes Home Marine Corporal

As the country celebrated Independence Day, Krystal honored a Marine who came all the way from Afghanistan to get her Krystal craving filled. U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Kayla Buck returned to Jacksonville after overseas deployment and posted on the company’s Facebook page that she couldn’t wait to enjoy some Krystals.


One Year After Acquisition, Krystal Keeps Growing

As Krystal marks its first year under the ownership of Argonne Capital Group, president and CEO Doug Pendergast is sharing significant milestones and changes that will pave the way for the iconic brand’s future success.

Pendergast says in just the nine months of 2012 following the purchase by Argonne Capital, both sales and transactions have grown. Further, the company’s profitability is up, providing store-level employees with a share of the increased profits via a richer bonus program.

On a Mission to Reposition, Krystal Names New Ad Agency

The Krystal Co., best known for its iconic square hamburgers topped with onions, mustard, and pickles, named Fitzgerald+CO its advertising agency of record for brand planning, creative, and media buying, effective immediately.

The 80-year-old brand, the South’s oldest quick-service restaurant brand and the second-longest standing chain in the nation, is in the midst of an evolution sparked by its new management group led by Doug Pendergast, Krystal’s president and CEO.

Krystal Cruiser Heads to D.C.’s ‘Taste of the South’

The famous Krystal Cruiser will be headed to Washington, D.C. to participate in the 31st annual ‘Taste of the South.’ Each year, transplanted Southern staffers working on Capitol Hill join together in an effort to share their love of all things Southern with their fellow D.C. workers. 

Krystal Rolls Out New Pork Chop Options

Krystal is offering a new item that’s sure to please Krystal Lovers with the introduction of the Pork Chop Krystal. Made from a Thick Cut Smithfield premium pork chop and placed atop a steaming bun, the Pork Chop Krystal can be topped with either Apple Butter or Sweet & Zesty Barbeque Sauce.

It will also be available at breakfast, served on a biscuit or steamed Krystal bun and Apple Butter.

Krystal Readies for Spring with 10 for $5.99 Krystals

Krystal Lovers in several markets will now be able to fill their cravings by getting 10 Krystals for $5.99 now through April. 

With temps slowly beginning to warm and the craziness of basketball season beginning to end, consumers are going to be in their cars and headed to ball fields and spring break, making it ideal to take along a sack full of the iconic burgers to share with family and friends.