Krystal Flies South

Move to Atlanta will allow support team to be physically present in the field.

Krystal has been based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, since its founding in 1932.
The original Krystal store in Chattanooga, 1932. Krystal

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Brand heritage is important, but Krystal president and CEO Doug Pendergast was thinking about practicality when he decided earlier this month to move the hamburger chain’s headquarters from Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Atlanta.

The move, which is scheduled to take place by early 2013, is part of a strategy to redefine the Krystal corporate office as a restaurant support center. It will also help improve the performance of existing stores and facilitate future store growth, Pendergast says.

Krystal to Relocate Headquarters to Atlanta in 2013

As part of its strategic game plan, The Krystal Company announced that it will relocate its corporate office, called the Restaurant Support Center (RSC), from its current location in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to a new location in North Atlanta in early 2013. 

The move will allow the company to deliver support to its 350 restaurants more efficiently and effectively from Atlanta’s central location, particularly with its high concentration of restaurants in and around the Atlanta area. 

2012 QSR Drive-Thru Study

How the best drive-thru operations in the industry make the wheels go ’round.

Taco Bell has the second fastest drive thru in quick service.

The drive-thru operation of a quick-service restaurant may seem relatively cut and dried, but operators aren’t resting on their laurels when it comes to their outdoor business. For many brands in the industry, the drive thru can account for anywhere between 50 and 70 percent of sales—no small number in a $200 billion industry.

Krystal Teams Up with PeopleMatter for Hiring Platform

The Krystal Company—a fast-food icon famous for its small, square hamburgers and big-taste menu items—and PeopleMatter, the only comprehensive talent management solution designed specifically for the service industry, have joined forces to simplify Krystal’s human resource processes.

PeopleMatter HIRE, a flexible, automated hiring system, will be used in 213 locations. HIRE simplifies hiring tasks, such as applicant tracking, onboarding, and electronic I-9 verification. 

Drive-Thru Performance Study 2012 Set to Launch

Since 1998 researchers across the country have undertaken thousands of drive-thru mystery shops each year with one goal in mind: to establish how quick-service restaurant chains are performing in the all-important drive-thru operation. It’s now that time of year again, as research for the study, which is produced by QSR magazine and Insula Research, begins in May.

Experts: Energy Drinks an Untapped Growth Opportunity

Experts agreed during a QSR-hosted webinar that energy drinks offer quick-serve operators a tremendous growth opportunity that has so far been largely untapped.