Long John Silver's

Long John Silver's Works on Fish-Speak, Preps for Lent

Leading into a time of year when seafood consumption increases, Long John Silver’s will let the nation know, “We Speak Fish,” imparting a new message to herald the brand’s evolution as a leader in quality seafood. Whether it’s a traditional seafood dish or a twist on the classics, Long John Silver’s offers the full seafood experience at a fraction of the cost during Lent and year-round.

Yum! to Sell Long John Silver’s, A&W

Yum! Brands Inc. announced its plans to place its Long John Silver’s and A&W All-American Food Restaurants for sale, and has begun a process to identify a buyer. The company is sharpening its long-term growth focus on building leading brands in every significant category in China, driving aggressive international expansion, and improving its U.S. brand positions by building new dayparts and sales layers at Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC.

Hunger for Change

It usually takes a trade show or the threat of legislation to bring quick-service competitors together, but occasionally the industry puts business aside and rallies around a single cause. In the wake of the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, brands flocked to the Gulf Coast to offer assistance. More than four years later, they again seem to have found a common charitable pursuit.