The Loop

Mushroom Chicken Sandwich Gets in The Loop

The Loop Pizza Grill is starting the spring season off with a fresh start with a flavorful new sandwich, the Mushroom Swiss Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

The Loop's new offering will be available starting April 1. 

The chicken is marinated for 24 hours in a homemade buttermilk recipe, then char-grilled.

"There is something special about letting our chicken bathe in buttermilk marinade," says Cathy Manzon, director of marketing at The Loop Pizza Grill. "It gives the chicken the perfect amount of juiciness and flavor."

Throw Mom For a Loop This Mother's Day


Forget flowers, The Loop Pizza Grill is celebrating mom on Sunday, May 8 with a gift for her wallet. This year for Mother's Day, The Loop is offering one free kid's meal with each adult meal purchase.

"Who's more important than mom?" says Cathy Manzon, The Loop's marketing director. "Sunday is the day when we have the opportunity to step back and say 'thank you' to all moms. We want families to be able to share this special day together without breaking the bank."

Sacre Bleu, Cheese!

As restaurants look to establish extra color and flavor in their menus, they are discovering that they can easily add a little bit of blue—blue cheese, that is.

Americans are increasingly experimenting with more robust flavors, so the big, flavorful, and salty taste of blue cheese is no longer restricted to wine and cheese parties and white tablecloth bistros. It’s part of everyday restaurant life.