McDonald's Europe Welcomes New President

McDonald's Corporation Chief Executive Officer Jim Skinner today announced that Steve Easterbrook will resign as president of McDonald's Europe effective September 30, 2011. Easterbrook, 44, is joining the privately owned Gondola Group and will assume operational leadership of the international restaurant brand PizzaExpress as chief executive.

Franchising Remains Dependable Growth Strategy

As the restaurant industry seeks growth during a sluggish economic recovery, a new report by Technomic and Restaurant Finance Monitor finds franchising of restaurant brands continues to be a major avenue pursued by chains. As a result of the recession franchisors began commonly offering incentives such as credit support and fee reductions to lure investors, and those practices have continued as traditional sources of credit are still not easy to come by for many potential franchisees.

McDonald's 'Smurfs' the Earth, Plants Trees with New Promo

McDonald’s rolled out several promotional programs in conjunction with the new movie The Smurfs, one of which will invite kids to eat healthy and help plant trees at the same time.

The new “Smurf the Earth” program in the U.S. will encourage kids to order Apple Dippers with their Happy Meal through the rest of the year. On the Apple Dippers package is a digital code that, when entered online at, will lead to a tree being planted in a U.S. national forest.

The Price of Global Growth

As international markets embrace a more Westernized diet, U.S. restaurants face the pressure of rising commodities costs.

Over the last decade, American quick-service behemoths such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut have surged into international markets and captured diners’ interests with American dishes. But new data shows the whole industry might pay a price for that global growth.

The growing appeal of U.S. fast food in international markets has shifted world commodity supplies and spurred rising prices.

Top 50 Breakdown by Market Segments

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Top 50 Sorted by Rank

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When Fast Food Regulations Go Too Far

The alarm goes off, the sun is just peeking over the horizon, and you leap out of bed to face another lousy day in paradise. After you wash up for the day ahead, you tear open the closet door to find your manager’s uniform is gone. You know you brought it home from the cleaners and hung it there. Where is it? You look over at the nightstand, and your store keys are gone. What the heck is going on?