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McDonald's Announces Strong Sales in First Quarter

2010-04-22 McDonald's Corporation says that first-quarter profits are strong in 2010.

Healthy Dining Takes On McDonald's

2010-04-08 McDonald's has joined the Healthy Dining initiative, and customers can now find and research 15 Healthy Dining-approved McDonald's items at

McDonald's And Michelle Wie Create Winning Team

2010-03-22 McDonald's has paired up with golfer Michelle Wie in the hopes of launching a successful campaign about celebrating success and achievement in youth education.

The Earth Gets An Hour at McDonald's

2010-03-19 McDonald's Canada to participate in energy-saving hour on March 27, possibly saving more than 10,000 kWh in electricity usage.

Ray Kroc Would Be Proud of These Operators

2010-03-16 McDonald's will announce the winners of its Ray Kroc Award, which honors the best operators in the system.

A New Marketing Reality

2010-03-16 Industry giants go viral with eye-catching, augmented-reality marketing promotions.

Chinese New Year Ups Global Sales for McDonald's

2010-03-08 Global comparable sales were up 4.8 percent in February, with U.S. comparable sales up 0.6 percent.

McDonald's Kicks Off Vancouver Stay

2010-02-11 Company's Olympics activities officially launched today at the McDonald’s restaurant in the Olympic Main Media Center.

Howard Making More Magic for McDonald's

2010-02-02 Dwight Howard renews agreement with company, will star in commercial with LeBron James before Super Bowl.

Twenty Years Later, McDonald's Russia Still Going Strong

2010-02-01 Moscow unit—the country's first—celebrates 20th anniversary as chain plans to move closer to 300 total locations across the country.