Quick service restaurants roll out smart phone app payment options for customers

McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s all experimenting with mobile payments.

Cantalupo's supporters say Merriam Webster was wrong in defining the phrase "McJobs" in less than flattering terms on its website and latest print edition.
McDonald's will open its first U.S. McCafe location tomorrow in Raleigh, North Carolina.
As EPS increases 13 percent, Jim Cantalupo says, "This performance indicates that our revitalization plan is beginning to yield results."
McDonald’s has brought Greene, personal trainer to Oprah and best-selling author, onboard to help promote its McDonald’s Healthy Lifestyles initiatives.
McDonald's announced that August comparable sales for Brand McDonald's increased 3.8% in constant currencies, compared with a 2.0% decline in August 2002.
Civic fitness program instituted for the city named tha nation's fattest three years in a row.
July US comparable store sales surge a mighty 9.9% amid revitalization progress.
Focus is on a new theme-line -- "I'm Lovin' It" -- and a new approach to creative.
McDonald's has announced that it is teaming up with SEGA to offer the first electronic handheld games in Happy Meals.
The move is the latest indication that McDonald’s is indeed focusing much attention on righting its core business.
Amid national salad rollouts, McDonald's offers a vegetarian burger in California.
Former McDonald’s Chairman and CEO receives post-resignation salary for five years.
EPS up 7% on higher revenues after reporting its first loss ever in 4th quarter 2002.
McDonald's restaurants in the Sacramento area will encourage patrons to order a carton of milk, rather than a soft drink, with a Happy Meal.
The company will "grow by becoming better" in an attempt to turn around recent sales declines.
Negative sales continue to highlight the Big Mac’s struggles.
McDonald's announces it has developed new security protocols to protect and ensure the integrity of its promotional games.
"Common sense has prevailed," says McDonald's Corp.'s spokesperson.
Newly created position goes to veteran Ralph Alvarez.
Smyth will replace Charlie Bell, who has been named president and chief operating officer for McDonald’s Corp.