industry headlines

McDonald’s Honored for “Green” Efforts

2008-07-02 Corporation's "green" efforts featured in new "Clear Air Counts" outdoor billboard campaign.

Experts Fact-Check 'McDonald's Diet' Story

2008-06-24 Health experts at the American Institute for Cancer Research weigh in on the weight-loss story.

McDonald's Holds Contest to Celebrate its Big Mac

2008-06-18 Big Mac's 40th anniversary celebration continues with special contest.

Moms Tour a McDonald’s U.S. Poultry Facility

2008-06-12 McDonald's USA gives moms unprecedented access to learn how Chicken McNuggets are made.

McDonald's Ranked Top Online Display Advertiser

2008-06-11 McDonald's served over 295 million online display ads in March, according to comScore Ad Metrix.

McDonald's Reports Comparable Sales

2008-06-09 McDonald's global comparable sales were up 7.7 percent in May.

McDonald's Appoints New Director of Nutrition

2008-06-04 McDonald's USA announces that Dr. Cynthia M. Goody has joined the company as director of nutrition.

From the Floor: Jim Skinner Calls for Industry Collaboration

2008-05-19 McDonald's CEO stresses collaboration in the restaurant industry in combating issues such as employee turnover, menu labeling, and food safety.

McDonald's Gets Help from Sandra Lee

2008-05-09 Food Network Emmy-nominated television star Sandra Lee and McDonald's New York Tri-State Area restaurants are holding an exclusive tasting of their latest (Southern) menu additions.

McDonald's Takes Southern Style Chicken System-Wide

2008-05-06 McDonald's will offer customers the opportunity to try the Southern Style Chicken Biscuit and Sandwich during a nationwide sampling event on May 15.