Low-Calorie, High Profits

Some people may consider the term healthful dessert as a bit of an oxymoron.

Desserts are typically recognized as being indulgent—rich and flavorful—and not necessarily a part of the dining experience that would be considered good for you.

But perception is not always reality, and it’s not necessarily difficult for quick-service restaurants to feature desserts that are nutritious, low in calories, and, yes, even healthy.

The McDonald’s $3 Strategy

In the wake of the recent recall of 12 million Shrek glasses, McDonald’s tells QSR why its paying customers to bring the items back to stores.

An anonymous tip to a California congresswoman led to the discovery that the paint on McDonald’s USA’s new Shrek promotional glassware contained the metal cadmium.

On June 4 the company recalled all 12 million Shrek-themed glasses, which it called an “abundance of caution” because the paint on the glasses contained only slightly more cadmium, a known carcinogen, than is safe for humans to consume.