industry headlines

Jury Deciding McDonald's Hoax Case

2007-10-05 Jury in Kentucky weighs liability in strip-search phone hoax at a McDonald's restaurant in 2004.

McDonald's Comeback Surprises Experts

2007-09-24 McDonald's continues to enjoy surge, thanks to improved menus, marketing, and management.

McDonald's Strong August Performance

2007-09-11 The company experiences an 8.1 percent increase in global sales for August.

McCafe Debuts in Japan

2007-09-06 McDonald's McCafe coffee shops debuted in Japan on Wednesday, joining a coffeehouse battle among Starbucks, Tully's and others.

McDonald’s First to Use New Upromise Rewards Platform

2007-08-30 Upromise launches a new program that promises to help merchants increase customer loyalty while providing new college savings opportunities...

The Big Mac turns 40!

2007-08-24 Normally, a 40-year-old sandwich would be something to be avoided. Unless you're one of millions who flock to McDonald's each year to chow down on a Big Mac.

McDonald's Angus Third Pounders Move into New Markets

2007-08-20 New York and Ohio marketing co-ops join Southern California in offering Angus Third Pounder burger.

McDonald's July Same-Store Sales Rise

2007-08-09 McDonald's Corp. on Wednesday said same-store sales rose 6.5 percent in July, helped by breakfast menu offerings in the United States.

Drive Thru Downloads

2007-08-09 McDonald’s is sponsoring a summer concert tour. Burger King is teaming up with EMI to offer song downloads. Hear the August 8th, WNYC interview with QSR Editor Sherri Daye Scott.

Study Finds Children Swayed by Brand Preferences

2007-08-07 Asked to sample two identical foods from the fast-food giant McDonald’s, children preferred the familiar “Golden Arches” to one extracted from unmarked paper packaging.