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McDonald's Strong Q1 Report - Selling 1600 Restaurants

2007-04-23 McDonald's Corporation (NYSE:MCD) announced strong operating results for the first quarter on Friday.

McDonald's Introduces New Salad

2007-04-17 For a limited time, the company will add a new Southwest Salad to its existing Premium Salad program for a suggested price of $4.29.

McDonald's Reports Global Sales Growth

2007-04-13 Global comparable sales rose 8.2 percent in March and 6.3 percent for the quarter.

McDonald's China Labor Update

2007-04-10 Guangdong government agency says McDonald's has been in compliance all along on wage and labor practices.

Farmworkers Win With McDonald's

2007-04-10 Coalition of Immokalee Workers ends two-year campaign against McDonald's.

McDonald’s, KFC Could Allow Chinese Unions

2007-04-07 Amid allegations that McDonald’s and KFC restaurants in China have been underpaying employees, the two fast food companies are expected to allow the establishment of labor unions,...

McDonald's and Yum! Wages Examined

2007-03-30 Chinese labor officials are investigating both companies on claims that they underpay part-time workers in Guangdong.

McDonald's Presents Ray Kroc Awards

2007-03-14 Top one percent of restaurant managers receive prestigious awards in celebration of being 'best in class.'...

McDonald's Rolls Out Fresh-Faced Packaging

2007-03-08 Twenty-four "Citizen Celebrities" were selected from the first-ever global casting call.

McDonald's Edges Out Competition in Coffee Taste Test

2007-03-06 A Consumer Reports taste test among coffee rivals says McDonald's brew beats Starbucks.