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McDonald's investor wants assets spun off-report

2005-11-09 A major McDonald's Corp. shareholder has proposed that the chain sell about two-thirds of company-owned restaurants in an IPO to bolster its stock price, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

McDonald's McRib(R) Sandwich Begins Farewell Tour

2005-11-02 The McRib Farewell Tour, celebrating the McDonald's McRib Sandwich, is making its way across the country. McDonald's restaurants throughout the United States will give customers their last chance to experience the sizzling boneless pork rib patty topped with pickles, onions and tangy BBQ sauce on a special McRib bun.

McDonald's to Post Nutrition Info on Food

2005-10-27 Make it a burger, fries and nutritional information to go. Seeking to counter charges that its food is unhealthy and contributes to obesity, McDonald's Corp. announced Tuesday that it will display nutrition facts on the packaging for most of its menu items next year, the Associated Press reports.

Chipotle Spin-off Now in Motion

2005-10-26 McDonald's Corp. has made a long-anticipated filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission to make its Denver Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant chain a separate, publicly held company.

McDonald’s Launches Virtual Kitchen Tour

2005-10-25 By visiting the food quality portion of, viewers can learn how McDonald’s food is made from the farm to table, with video vignettes for breakfast and lunch menu items.

Fast-Food Giant McDonald’s Wins Approval as Ceres Partner; Pledges Further Improvements in Social & Environmental Programs

2005-10-18 Citing the company’s progress on sustainability reporting and commitment to continuous enhancement of its social and environmental performance, the Ceres board of directors today announced it has approved fast food giant McDonald’s Corp. as a Ceres company.

Nintendo, Wayport to offer Wi-Fi gaming in McDonalds

2005-10-18 Video game console maker Nintendo Co. on Tuesday said wireless access company Wayport will provide Wi-Fi service at nearly 6,000 McDonald's restaurants in the United States for the video game console maker's handheld Nintendo DS.

McDonald's to Close Jamaica Restaurants

2005-10-07 There will be no more Big Macs in Jamaica. McDonald's Corp., the world's largest fast-food company, said Thursday that it will suspend business and close its eight restaurants in Jamaica later this month.

New Monopoly Game McDonald’s Biggest Promotion to Date

2005-10-04 McDonald’s partners with Best Buy to offer $200 million in prizes, including a home electronics makeover, $1 million in cash, and a chance to be in a Buena Vista movie.

Chipotle to Go Public

2005-09-22 McDonald’s announces an IPO of minority interest in Chipotle planned for first quarter 2006.