McDonald's to Host Family Health & Safety Day in Arizona

McDonald's restaurants throughout greater Phoenix and northern Arizona will host Family Health & Safety Day, September 29, at 9 a.m., an unprecedented child safety event that will give away 20,000 bicycle helmets.

Parents that visit their local McDonald's restaurant with their children, ages 5 – 10, will receive a free bicycle helmet provided by the Arizona Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics (AzAAP).  

Drive Time

Breakfast is on a roll.

Even though most Americans prepare or eat their morning meals at home, an increasing number of them are opting for breakfast on the way to work, particularly at quick-service restaurant locations.

Nearly half of consumers visited a limited-service restaurant for their early meal last year, up from a third in 2009. So it’s no surprise that at least half a dozen quick serves launched breakfast dayparts in the past three years, while many others added new menu items.

McDonald's Plays Ahead of Nutrition Curve

Though impending federal legislation will soon require all 20-plus-unit chains to post calorie info on menus, many were shocked that McDonald’s was one of the first to proactively do so nationwide.

McDonald’s, however, sees its move more as a sign of the times, realizing that consumers are more concerned than ever with what and how much they’re eating.

“We know our customers want to know more about our food and beverages and our menu,” says Molly McKenna Jandrain, director of public relations for McDonald’s USA.

Cracking the NFL

The league’s signage rules are strict, leading brands to take advantage of TV broadcasts.

Wendy's tops list of restaurant brands fighting for broadcast exposure in 2011.
Wendy's topped list of restaurant brands fighting for broadcast exposure in 2011.

Now that football teams across the country are facing off in the NFL’s 2012 season, which kicked off last week, many quick serves are beginning a gridiron contest of their own.

Marketing and advertising efforts designed around the NFL are an increasingly hot commodity in the industry. But in the NFL, which has strict rules on branded stadium signage, getting in front of viewer eyeballs without buying commercial airtime is a tricky proposition. This has led several brands to develop broadcast partnerships as part of their NFL strategy.

Starbucks Holds $87.4M in Impact Media Value

Starbucks is the top quick-service restaurant brand with $87.4 million of Impact Media Value according to General Sentiment’s Q2 2012 QSR MediaMatch report.

McDonald’s ($39.4 million), Taco Bell ($38.7 million), Burger King ($37.4 million), and Chipotle ($29.5 million) round out the top five. The top six brands in the rankings have remained unchanged since the last report.

Beverages Spur Growth for McDonald's in Q2

During McDonald’s second-quarter earnings call, CEO Don Thompson told investors the quick serve is growing market share through innovative beverage products. Despite the lackluster global consumer marketplace, he said beverage sales continue to be a “key contributor to growth.”

The new Cherry Berry Chiller helped drive beverages sales, on top of last year’s strong sales from the company’s introduction of McCafe Frozen Strawberry Lemonade, Thompson said. “Clearly the beverage platform has quite a bit of resonance and it is being looked at by many markets around the world.”

Let the Games Begin

Visually, the five interlocking rings that have become synonymous with the Olympic Games are fairly simple, but they deliver an iconic message. They speak to thrilling competition, achievement at the highest level, and the pride and patriotism of nations. The rings have come to be one of the world’s most recognizable symbols—fitting given that the Olympics are one of the world’s strongest brands.

No Fizz, No Problem

There’s nothing quite as revitalizing as a cold drink on a hot summer afternoon. These days, however, restaurant guests are looking for more than just refreshment from their cold beverages. They are seeking fewer calories, healthful options, or, perhaps, a jolt of energy.

Cold beverages, particularly carbonated ones, have been part and parcel of quick-service restaurants from the time the first units opened. Coca-Cola, for instance, has been served at White Castle since 1921, the year the business began.