In-N-Out Burger

Empathica, a global provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions to multiunit enterprises, released burger brand findings from the 2013 Quick Service Restaurant Benchmark Study, which surveyed 10,000 U.S. consumers and determined brand rankings in categories such as food, staff,...

April 2013

Though not new, secret and hidden menus have taken hold in recent years as social media–savvy diners share off-the-menu experiences with potentially viral audiences.

And today, more quick-service brands are finding that a secret menu can offer guests a fun and unique experience...

The Double-Double Burger from In-N-Out was ranked the “Top Fast-Food Burger” in a crowd-sourced ranking from more than 3,000 fast food customers, according to

Millennials are unique. They communicate differently, are self-expressive, confident, liberal, upbeat, and open to change. But marketing to them can be a challenge.

This group (ages 19-34) has a distinct perspective on dining occasions, placing more value on attributes like social...

March 2012

Even companies with no plans to expand into China may find the world’s most populated country hard to ignore.

December 2010

Reporting by Blair Chancey, Sam Oches, Daniel P. Smith, Robin Van Tan, Barney Wolf & Lori Zanteson

1. BK Sold to Brazilian Investors

Becoming the decade’s biggest restaurant buyout,...

Wendy's takes Top Food crown among chains with more than 5,000 units, while In-N-Out is tops in the less-than-5,000 category.

Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, and Panera Bread rank among the best quick serves in the country in customer satisfaction, according to a study J.D. Power and Associates released on Tuesday.

The 2010 U.S. Restaurant Satisfaction Study evaluated consumer responses to an...

August 2010

The battle to hire and keep the best people starts with the first time you have contact with prospective employees. Customers of the best fast-casual operators expect more in terms of food and service than what they get from competitors in other segments. 


July 2010

The recent debacle over Toyota’s recalls tells a cautionary tale about growth for all companies, including quick serves.

The leaders at the carmaker were accused of relentlessly pursuing market share increases at the expense of product quality. In testimony...

Results from Sandelman & Associates 2007 Fast-Food Awards of Excellence
Esther Snyder, who founded the iconic In-N-Out brand with her husband in 1948, passed away Friday.
Fagelbaum & Heller attorneys report that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Aurelio Munoz ruled today in favor of Rich Boyd in his lawsuit against In-N-Out Burgers Inc.