Pal's Sudden Service

Pal's Sudden Service

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Pal's Boasts Customer Satisfaction in New TV Ads

2014-10-16 A new TV ad campaign by regional burger chain Pal’s Sudden Service celebrates its focus on consumer satisfaction.

Pal's Sudden Service Recognized As "Audacious"

2014-05-22 What do Dr. Dre’s Beats audio products company and an Oregon doughnut brand have in common with Pal’s Sudden Service, a regional burger concept?...

Pal's Sudden Service Credited for Millions in Growth for A&W

2012-11-29 One of Canada's fastest-growing quick-service restaurant chains, with more than 700 restaurants, has significantly reduced its drive-thru service time...

Pigs are Flying at Pal's

2011-05-25 Thick, crispy bacon is the latest addition to the menu of world famous Pal’s Sudden Service.

Pal’s Has Got a ‘Golden Opportunity’

2011-03-30 As the credit crisis continues to hound franchisors looking to expand their brand in a sea of potential franchisees, one burger chain is using a no-mo...