Pancheros Gets Cheeky With New Packaging

Pancheros, a fast-casual Mexican restaurant known for “Burritos Better Built,” introduces its new package design.

The packaging revamp includes novel graphic designs for all of the franchise’s items, such as beverage cups, napkins, carryout bags, and burrito boxes.

Pancheros’ new packaging features phrases meant to give diners a chuckle at checkout. For example, printed on the napkins is, “You probably won’t need this but you should take one just in queso,” playing on the word case and the Spanish word for cheese.

Pancheros Debuts 19th Unit in the State of Iowa

Pancheros Mexican Grill, a fast-casual Mexican restaurant known for its burritos, announced its 19th Iowa location in Altoona.

To commemorate the newest addition to the franchise’s home state, Pancheros will be offering its burritos for $1 on May 29 from 4p.m. to 6 p.m.                                                                                           

The key to Pancheros’ burrito experience lies in its plastic spatula, “Bob the Tool,” which evenly mixes ingredients to deliver a mouthful in each bite.

Pancheros Doubles Up in Lincoln, Nebraska

Pancheros Mexican Grill, a fast-casual Mexican restaurant known for serving a variety of savory burrito options, is set to open its second location in Lincoln, Nebraska.

In honor of the grand opening, it will be offering a $1 burrito promotion on April 30 from 4 to 6 p.m.

Treating fans to a memorable Mexican dining experience, Pancheros prides itself in offering fresh-pressed tortillas rolled and stuffed with quality ingredients.

Kick the Stress Out

Quick-service leaders have a lot on their plate, from running complex organizations and overseeing financials to being the voice and face of their concepts.

But as they juggle these responsibilities and wade through the myriad daily decisions they need to make, something threatens to derail everything: stress.

Pancheros Names Its Franchisee of the Year

Pancheros has officially announced Kato Patel as its recipient of the Franchisee of the Year Award.

Patel, a franchisee of the Mount Laurel, New Jersey, location, was commended for providing superior customer service and continually increasing his store sales on a yearly basis.

Opening the first Pancheros location in New Jersey in 2008, Patel successfully introduced the brand to a new market, contributing to the openings of other stores throughout the state.

Pancheros Brings Back LTO Shrimp Scampi Tacos

Pancheros, a fast casual Mexican restaurant, has officially brought back its shrimp scampi tacos for a limited time available now until March 30, 2013. Reintroduced by popular demand, the dish will be gracing all Pancheros’ establishments for the third consecutive year.