Papa John's

Fast food concepts like Quiznos use sports to build international brand presence
January 2014

International sports sponsorships could be the ticket to building a global brand presence.

Management team rounded out after the promotions of three company employees.
Andrew Varga previously worked for 21 years with Brown-Forman Corporation.
John Schnatter will be making a roadtrip to find his Camaro that he sold to start Papa John’s restauraunt.
Delivery to the top of Skydeck Chicago part of promotions for chain's Road Trip.
Visitors to can virtually drive’s John Schnatter 1972 Z28 Camaro via Web cam.
The pizza chain experienced a 1.4 percent decrease in revenue from last year.
The pizza chain is cutting its royalty fees for 12 months and its franchise fee all together.
Jude Thompson will step into his new roles today; John Schnatter will continue as the brand's CEO.
The pizza chain is offering a special deal for those who wait until the last minute to file their taxes.
Anyone who becomes a "fan" of Papa Johns between now and March 24 will be automatically entered to win two tickets to the NCAA Men's Final Four in Detroit.
The pizza chain co-branded with another fast-food brand to open the new location.
The pizza chain founder delivered pizzas to Camp Buehring and the local USO.
The chain uses the Super Bowl as the backdrop for a big give away.
Papa John's is donating portions of its catering deal sales to the program.
Nigel Travis is in, but what does that mean for Jon Luther?
The chain is promoting today's release of The Dark Knight DVD.
John Schnatter succeeds Nigel Travis, who served as Papa John’s president and CEO since 2005.
Major brands sign up for Workplace Languages' online lessons for managers.
The technology was launched in July.
The 2008 National Trails Corporate Award winners are announced.