Philly Pretzel Factory

Philly Pretzel Factory Turns to Big-Box Retailer for Growth

Philly Pretzel Factory in a Walmart. Philly Pretzel Factory

When the economy soured, the quick-service industry was not exempt from repercussions, but many brands took the opportunity to go back to the drawing board to draft a survival strategy. At Philly Pretzel Factory, that survival strategy flourished into a partnership with big-box retailer Walmart, and it’s shaping the brand’s expansion strategy for a stable financial future.

Founded in 1995 by entrepreneur and longtime pretzel maker Dan DiZio, Philly Pretzel Factory distinguished itself from similar brands by serving Bavarian pretzels, says Marty Ferrill, president.

Pretzels and Italian Ice: Match Made in Heaven?

Most franchisees would jump at the opportunity to boost their revenue with limited additional costs. Jeff Moody and Marty Ferrill are trying to give their franchisees the ability to do just that.

Moody, CEO of Rita’s Italian Ice, and Ferrill, president of Philly Pretzel Factory, announced a new cobranding operation between their brands.

Honey, I Shrunk the Store

One concept hopes an inexpensive, portable kiosk will jumpstart expansion.

As the U.S. economy shows signs of new growth in 2012, many quick serves are cautiously looking at expansion plans to see if they can jumpstart the growth that stalled with the recession.

Some franchise concepts are banking on the fact that cheaper, smaller footprints might be more attractive to potential franchisees in this rocky lending environment. One in particular, Philly Pretzel Factory, is hoping a new kiosk offering will draw new franchise partners and excite its existing franchisee base.

Who Needs a $3M TV Spot When You Have Social Media?

While some companies will be shelling out as much as $3 million for a 30-second TV spot during Sunday’s Super Bowl, some quick-serve chains plan to ramp up their marketing efforts without even hardly opening their wallets.

Toppers Pizza and Philly Pretzel Factory are two concepts that will leverage social media for their marketing efforts on Super Bowl Sunday, a day for which advertising was once reserved only for billion-dollar brands.