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Pie Five Brings Back Peanut Butter Cup Brownie

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Pie Five is bringing the Peanut Butter Cup Brownie back, and it’s just as rich and sultry as before.

Beginning today, customers can once again follow their favorite personalized pizza with a slice of Peanut Butter Cup Brownie. The dessert features a rich brownie base covered in a peanut butter-cream cheese swirl, topped with melted peanut butter cup crumbles.

Hot Market: Detroit

Some limited-service chains see big potential in bankrupt city.

Once a bankrupt city left for dead, Detroit is showing signs of becoming a hot destination for quick-service and fast-casual concepts. Where city blocks were once ghost towns, real estate developers today are building thriving centers for businesses and entertainment venues—and restaurant operators are excited to get on board.

Pie Five, Pizza Inn Parent Changes Name to RAVE

On January 7, Pizza Inn Holdings Inc. changed its name to become RAVE Restaurant Group Inc. The new name and a new “RAVE” trading symbol will be reflected on NASDAQ on January 9. The renamed company includes Pie Five Pizza Co., the fast-casual pizza company, and Pizza Inn, one of the nation’s first dine-in pizza chains.

Pie Five to Expand Into Chicago, Minneapolis, Houston

Pie Five Pizza Co. announced the expansion of company operations into three major markets: Houston, Chicago, and Minneapolis.

The first Houston-area restaurant, located in Spring, Texas, opens Friday, December 12. Chicago, home to millions of proud pizza aficionados, will welcome its first Pie Five in February. And the Twin Cities, a hotbed for fast-casual restaurants, will get their first taste of the fast-casual pizza brand in March.

Pie Five Gets Festive with Andes Mint Brownie

Pie Five Pizza announced its fresh spin on a seasonal favorite with the debut of its new Andes Mint Brownie. This festive treat combines rich chocolate brownie batter and dark chocolate chips in a deep-dish pizza pan, then is topped with chunks of Andes mints. Every pie is hand-mixed and baked fresh daily at each Pie Five restaurant.

Pie Five Encourages Guests to "Pie It Forward"

Doesn’t it make your day when the person ahead of you in the drive-thru line pays for your coffee? Or when someone kindly holds the door open for you and you oblige by doing the same for the person behind you?

The truth is, the simplest of gestures can momentarily transform our outlook on life and serve as a reminder that kindness is contagious and should always be reciprocated.

Top of Mind

Over the past century, Americans have developed a special craving for certain foods, both at home and in restaurants—items like burgers and fries, sandwiches and fried chicken.

And then there’s pizza. One of the nation’s most beloved meals, pizza is the sum of varied parts: crust, sauce, cheese, meat or other proteins, vegetables, and the baking style. All are important, but the toppings are the real ingredient that gives customers and operators alike room to play around with new flavors.