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Pizza Hut

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Give Yourself a Tax Break with Pizza Hut's PANormous Pizza

2009-04-14 The chain's biggest pizza is only $10, including one topping per side.

What John Lithgow and Pizza Hut Have in Common

2009-04-13 A national BOOK IT! event puts $10,000 on the line.

BOOK IT! Gets New Partners

2009-03-10 Literary characters Charlie and Lola are the latest to support the nationwide reading program.

Facebook Fans in the Running for Trip to Italy

2009-02-04 Pizza Hut is pulling out all the stops for its latest marketing effort surrounding the Tuscani Lasagna.

Pizza Hut Expects 2.5 Million Super Bowl Orders

2009-01-29 The number of pizzas sold will be enough to cover more than 50 football fields.

Pizza Hut's New Lasagna Passes Taste Tests with Italian Diners

2009-01-27 The new menu item's ad campaign will feature "rave reviews" from Italians who sampled it.

Canadian Pizza Huts Change Names in Marketing Ploy

2009-01-27 Based on customer reaction to Tuscani Pastas, CEO Jon Prinsell says "the name might just stick."...

Quick-Service Restaurants Prevail Despite Weak Economy

2009-01-22 Some cite use of JobApp Network as reason sales remain strong.

Pizza Hut and NPC Close Deal

2009-01-20 Nearly 100 Pizza Hut units and $40 million changed hands in today's deal.

Menu-wide Transformation for Pizza Hut

2009-01-12 The chain is already launching the first phase of the change.