Pizza Patron

Pizza Patrón Inaugurates First Corporate-Owned Restaurant

After 28 years in business, Pizza Patrón opened its first corporate-owned store in Garland, Texas. Pizza Patrón’s new expansion strategy includes development of company-owned restaurants as well as stores built by existing multiunit operators that possess solid track records, financial resources, and operational savvy.

Pizza Patrón Sees Record LTO Sales with La Ch!#gona Launch

The launch of Pizza Patrón’s La Ch!#gona pizza broke all-time sales records, making it the most successful LTO product launch in the company’s history. During the first three weeks of sales, Pizza Patrón reported that La Ch!#gona represented more than 4 percent of the pizza sales mix, more than doubling the company’s peak historical average for a new LTO launch.

Pizza Patrón Challenges Guests to Pass Ancient Aztec Ritual

In honor of Pizza Patron’s new and controversial LTO product launch, the La Ch!#gona pizza, the brand is promoting a one-day inaugural event. On Saturday, April 5, from 11 a.m. to midnight, every customer that visits a participating location and passes the Legendary and Ancient Aztec Ritual of La Ch!#gona will receive a large La Ch!#gona pizza at 50 percent off the regular price of $7.99.

Pizza Patrón Takes Big Risk with New Item

Pizza Patrón, the Dallas-based pizza chain, plans to release a new LTO pizza that is creating controversy among its franchise partners. Franchisees do not dispute the product itself, a large pizza with about 90 slices of proprietary jalapeño-stuffed pepperonis and topped with diced jalapeños. The problem stems from strong differences of opinion surrounding the name, La Ch!#gona.

Pizza Patrón Closes 20 Percent of Stores, Sets Sales Record

Pizza Patrón announced the brand achieved its highest overall yearly sales in the company’s history despite closing nearly 20 percent of its stores in 2013.

Pizza Patrón opened seven new restaurants and closed 20 locations in multiple markets in 2013.  Although the company is forecasting that a handful of additional locations will close in 2014, executives say the company expects to finish this year with 25 new stores—over 30 percent growth above the current store count.

Pizza Patrón Heats Up New Year with Promotion

Pizza Patrón is blazing into the new year with a deal for Pizza Patrón customers: For a limited time, guests can get any three large pizzas for only $18.

Pizza Patrón’s consumers are already very familiar with the “any pizza for $10” deal advertised by many large pizza chains over the past few years. To promote awareness of the Pizza Patrón’s “Favoritas del Patrón” line of specialty pizzas, and to boost sales of custom pies, Pizza Patrón is executing a limited time sampling program that brings the average price to just $6 per large, any-topping pizza.

Pizza Patrón Aims to Connect with Mexican-Born Customers

Pizza Patrón executives announced intentions to roll out multiple new strategies designed to bring the brand closer to its core Mexican-born customers in 2014. The company plans to execute an array of updated branding programs that include new product development, unique promotions, traditional advertising, digital, social media, and public relations.