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Pizza Patron Continues Expansion by Targeting Chicago

Pizza Patrón announced its expansion plans for the Chicago metro area.

In June, Antonio Swad, the chain’s founder, moved to Chicago to personally oversee the market’s development.

“The Chicago metro area is a very important market for our brand because it is the third largest Hispanic market in the U.S.,” Swad says.

The DMA is expected to grow to more than Pizza Patrón locations and is currently being developed personally by Swad.

Pizza Patrón Signs Agreement for Eight San Antonio Units

Pizza Patrón, the No. 1 Latino pizza brand, has executed a development agreement with SA Pizza, Inc. to bring eight more stores to the San Antonio area within the next 31 months.

Long-time, successful partners with Pizza Patrón, SA Pizza, Inc. is owned by an exceptional operator that has been with the chain for nine years.

Pizza Patron Looks for Franchise Partners in San Diego

Pizza Patrón has opened up the San Diego market for development. Currently, the chain has one location and plans to expand to 15 more in the area.

“This is a great market for us, given the population is more than 32 percent Hispanic and that number is growing,” says Victor Vazquez, Pizza Patrón franchising manager. “Since the 1990 Census, the southern California region has grown by 12.8 percent—perfect for our brand!”

Your Brand, Top of Mind

A small pizza chain recently ran a very interesting promotion: Order your pizza in Spanish and you get it for free. Everybody seemed to have an opinion on the promotion. The Conservative Caucus group was incensed by the need to speak Spanish. The Latin community felt it was being used as a pawn. And the company, Pizza Patrón, simply said it was trying to promote multiculturalism. (By the way, what’s wrong with learning another language? It’s done in our schools every day.)

Cultural Shift Fuels Pizza Patrón Expansion

In 2010, the Census Bureau reported that for every nine births among Hispanics there was one death, compared to a roughly one-to-one ratio among whites. Experts have predicted that today’s young and expanding Hispanic population is a precursor of what mainstream America will look like tomorrow. With this continuing cultural shift, Pizza Patrón projects a doubling of its store count over the next three years.

Pizza Patrón’s “Pizza Por Favor” Breaks Sales Records

Last month Pizza Patrón ran “Pizza Por Favor,” a campaign offering a free large pepperoni pizza to every customer that ordered in Spanish. The campaign stirred a firestorm of media attention and public reaction, resulting in lines of hundreds wrapped around each of the company’s locations. Today, the chain released statistics of the campaign’s results.

Pizza Patrón To Bring 10 Stores to Rio Grande Valley

Pizza Patrón has executed a development agreement with Valley PP Partners, LLC to bring 10 stores to the Rio Grande Valley area in Texas.

Valley PP Partners, LLC is owned by an experienced group of restaurateurs that own or operate more than 70 restaurants comprised of three different brands. It has more than 20 years of experience in the Rio Grande Valley market and more than 30 years in the pizza industry.

Pizza Patrón’s Big Gamble

Company stands firm with controversial promotion.

Customer who ordered in Spanish would recieve a free pizza at Pizza Patron.
Customer who ordered in Spanish would recieve a free pizza at Pizza Patron.

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Pizza Patrón caused a national stir—and was the victim of protests—this week with a promotion that offered free pizza to anyone who ordered in Spanish. But the Dallas-based company stuck to its guns in an effort to assert its unique brand positioning and communicate with its core clientele.

The concept’s “Pizza, Por Favor” promotion, which ran at the franchise’s 104 stores on June 5, offered a large pepperoni pizza between 5 and 8 p.m. to any patron who ordered by saying “pizza, por favor,” or a similar phrase.

Pizza Patrón Gives Free Pizza for Ordering in Spanish

On Tuesday, June 5, from 5-8 p.m., Pizza Patrón is launching its PIZZA POR FAVOR event at restaurants nationwide. Every customer that orders in Spanish will receive a free large pepperoni pizza, which is the company’s top-selling product. 

Free pizzas are limited to one per customer between 5-8 p.m., at participating locations, while supplies last.

PIZZA POR FAVOR is the first of three 2012 campaigns the company has planned to celebrate the brand’s Hispanic focus and honor the positive force of change immigrants have made in communities throughout America.

Pizza Patron Opens Location in Coachella, California

JRT Partners has opened a new Pizza Patrón at 49255 Grapefruit Blvd. in Coachella, California.

In addition to the company’s standard carryout service, this restaurant also features a dining room, a drive-thru lane, and Lincoln Fast-Bake ovens that cook fresh, custom-made pizzas in 3.5 minutes.