Pizza Patron

Extreme Makeover, Fast Food Edition

In 2010, California Tortilla president Bob Phillips and other company leaders engaged in a spirited debate on whether the fast-casual chain should continue piping 1980s rock music into its eateries. Though tunes from bands such as Duran Duran and Journey had been characteristic of California Tortilla’s quirky, offbeat vibe since its 1995 founding, executives wondered if that dining soundtrack remained relevant.

They didn’t know then that the meeting would become a critical turning point in California Tortilla’s history.

Pizza Patrón Declares April Children’s Month

For the month of April, Pizza Patrón, the No. 1 Latino pizza brand, will be running a “Mes Del Nino” (Children’s Month) special.

Pizza Patrón will distribute kids’ coloring sheets that contain a coupon for a large kids’ cheese pizza for $3.99. Kids will be encouraged to showcase their talent by returning their finished artwork to the store where it will be posted in the lobby for the community to see.

Pizza Patron Opens in Atwater, California

California Brand Developmenthas opened a new Pizza Patrón, the nation's No. 1 Latino pizza brand, in Atwater, California, at 1847 Bellevue Road. This continues the partners' development of the I-99 corridor with plans for 20 store openings within 48 months.

The store is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 11 a.m. to midnight Fridays and Saturdays.

Pizza Patrón Promotes Lent-Friendly Pizzas

Pizza Patrón announced today that it is seeking to reverse the average 4 percent drop in sales that it sees during Lent each year by launching its “Pizzas de Cuaresma” campaign. The promotion features two Lent-friendly pizzas, the Spinach Clásico (a customer favorite) and La Vegetariana.

Pizza Patrón Marketing Campaigns Go Back to Roots

Five years after weathering the media firestorm that erupted when Pizza Patrón advertised its Pizza por Pesos promotion, the company announced today that it is planning three new campaigns for 2012 designed to celebrate the brand’s Latino roots.

In January 2007, Pizza Patrón launched Pizza por Pesos, announcing that it would accept Mexican pesos at all of its U.S. locations. When company executives received threats over the program, Pizza Patrón was catapulted into the international news spotlight. 

Pizza Patrón Parties With Chicken and Wing Combos

Pizza Patrón announced today four exciting new party paquetazos (combos) that each includes chicken wings and pizza, just in time for those planning events and parties for the big game.

"Over the years, we have discovered that our customers often times make two trips for their parties or game-watching events–one for pizza and the other for wings," says Andrew Gamm, brand director for Pizza Patrón. "This promotion is designed to remind customers that we have fantastic wings, and that Pizza Patrón is the one-stop shop for wings and pizza for their next party."

Pizza Patrón Debuts in Fresno

Pizza Patrón, America’s No. 1 Latino pizza brand, opened its first Fresno, California, store located at 3235 N. First St on December 12. This store is part of a development agreement with California Brand Development, I-99, LLC to bring 20 stores to the Highway 99 corridor of the Fresno area within the next 48 months.

“We are excited about bringing ‘Más Pizza for Menos Dinero’ to Fresno, California, residents,” says Andrew Gamm, brand director for Pizza Patrón. “Our low prices, combined with the option to pay in Mexican pesos, makes Pizza Patrón an easy choice for customers.”

Pizza Patrón Rebrands, Jumps Sales

Dallas-based company cut menu items and changed its pricing strategy to fight slipping sales.

Earlier this year, Pizza Patrón faced rising commodity costs and stagnant numbers across the 100-store system. CEO Antonio Swad, feeling pressure to deliver value for franchisees and customers, saw daring change as his lone solution.

"In this business, being timid is the quickest path to failure," Swad says.

So Swad, who founded the Dallas-based concept in 1986, started a major revamp targeting Pizza Patrón's product, pricing, and presentation. The extensive changes were recently tested in eight stores across five markets, and are now rolling out to the entire system.