Pizza Patron

Pizza Patrón Brings Home the Chorizo

For a limited time, July through September, Pizza Patrón is offering the Toluqueña pizza, featuring a three-meat combination of pepperoni, ham, and the company's new chorizo.

Pizza Patrón is well known for its Hispanic customer focus, and the Toluqueña pizza is a part of Pizza Patrón's strategy to bring a piece of home to its foreign-born customers, and to transport adventurous Americans across the border with the unique flavors of Mexico and Latin America.

Pizza Patron Tops it Off With Chorizo

After two intensive years of development, Pizza Patrón is rolling out a new chorizo topping, and it will be in all stores by July 1.

“As the leading Latin pizza brand, we should have the best and most authentic chorizo topping of any pizza chain,” says Andrew Gamm, brand director for Pizza Patrón. “Toluca, Mexico, has been hailed as the chorizo capital of the world, so we looked to create a topping that would reflect the quality and flavor worthy of Toluca’s standards.”

Pizza Patrón: Not Just for Older, Latino Demographic

Starting April 18, Pizza Patrón launched a media campaign that reflects recent shifts in its core customer base. For more than a year, the company has been crafting its new marketing strategies to focus on a younger, bicultural demographic. This marks a major change from Pizza Patrón's previous advertising that exclusively targeted an older, Spanish-preferred demographic.

Pizza Patrón LTO Was So Successful, It’s Now Permanent

Pizza Patrón announced that it will make its most successful limited-time offering item, the Spinach Clásico, a permanent part of its menu.

"We have served our Spinach Clásico as an LTO before during Cuaresma (Lent), and it was the most successful LTO in our company history," says Andrew Gamm, brand director for Pizza Patrón. "We brought it back for Cuaresma again this year and have already decided to add it to our menu permanently because customers love it."

Activation is Key in Sports Marketing

Statisticians aren’t sitting cross-legged in labs, running complex algorithms on Papa John’s Super Bowl sales. A supercomputer isn’t littering the floor of a scientist’s basement, crunching cross-promotions of the FIFA World Cup. And Harry Potter has yet to cast an ROI-analysis spell.

Sports marketing is a tricky beast, predominantly because brands have no method of quantifying their return on investment, or their success rate at compelling consumers’ cravings.

Texas Celebración: Pizza Patrón Sponsors Festival de los Mavs

Pizza Patrón will be a sponsor of this year's Festival de los Mavs, planned for March 5 at 12:30 p.m. at AT&T Plaza in Dallas.

The No. 1 Latin Pizza brand will be there all day serving hot, freshly baked pizzas. Pizza Patrón is the American Airline Center's exclusive pizza vendor operating six concession units throughout the venue.

First of 11 San Diego Pizza Patrón Units Opens

Pizza De la Comunidad LLC opened its first of 11 Pizza Patrón locations in San Diego on February 1 at 1815 E. Valley Parkway in Escondido, California.

"We have been very busy since the opening," says Pete Tucker, the restaurant industry veteran that formed Pizza De la Comunidad LLC with an investment group of local San Diego business professionals including Robert Rubio, of the Rubio family, founders of Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill. "We can't be more pleased to have this first one open and serving the community. And the response has been even better than we hoped."

Houston Couple Score Patrón Honor

Pizza Patrón awarded Rick and Monica Sparkman the Patrón of the Year award at its 2011 National Franchise Convention. The brand, celebrating its 25th year in business in April, held the convention in the downtown historic Hilton hotel in Fort Worth, Texas, January 24 and 25.

"It was an exciting convention. The company is always ahead of the curve as far as planning our brand position and how to best reach our core audience," says Rick Sparkman. "I'm proud to be a part of this organization and to have received this award."

Pizza Patrón Signs Deal to Enter San Diego

Pizza De la Comunidad LLC signed a development agreement with Pizza Patrón to enter the San Diego market with 11 locations over the next three years.

Restaurant industry veteran Pete Tucker formed Pizza De la Comunidad LLC with an investment group of local San Diego business professionals including Robert Rubio, of the Rubio family, founders of Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill. The group is looking for locations throughout San Diego County and hopes to have their first location open in the first quarter of 2011, Tucker says.