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Pollo Tropical Now Accepting Google Wallet Payments

2012-04-24 Beginning Friday, April 13, you can reach for your phone and not for your wallet when visiting Pollo Tropical.

Pollo Tropical Hosts Teachers of the Year Campaign

2012-04-23 Pollo Rewards, the loyalty rewards program of Pollo Tropical, is honoring teachers throughout May with its Pollo Tropical “Teachers of the Year” campa...

Pollo Tropical Serves Up Shrimp Through Lent

2012-02-23 Just in time for Lent season, Pollo Tropical is bringing back its grilled tropical shrimp with three great menu items!...

Pollo Tropical Offers Deal for Two on Valentine’s Day

2012-01-20 Pollo Tropical is offering a sweetheart of a deal on Tuesday, Feb. 14. ...

Soup Up at Pollo Tropical on Jan. 18 With $1 Soup

2012-01-12 Celebrate soup with Pollo Tropical on Wednesday, Jan.

Pollo Tropical’s Meal Plan Outlines 21 Healthy Days

2012-01-10 Just in time for the New Year, Pollo Tropical is announcing the release of the 2012 version of its 21 Days to a New You Meal Plan.

Pollo Tropical Presents Create Your Own TropiChop

2011-12-29 The Pollo Tropical TropiChop, which has been a menu favorite for nearly 15 years, is being redesigned so customers can create their own with an expand...

Pollo Tropical Wants Charities to Fundraise “Smart”

2011-11-25 This holiday season, charities will be offering savings to patrons through a special fundraising program while raising money for their organization, c...

Pork it Over: the Meat Expands its Role on Menus

2011-11-17 Leading restaurants are expanding the protein selection on their menus by offering more pork dishes, according to foodservice consultants Technomic.