A Global Game-Changer

Since the days when fliers, posters, and billboards ruled the marketing world, brands have searched high and low for the newest, smartest, and easiest ways to connect consumers with their products. And for several years, sports marketing has provided quick-service concepts the ability to reach a widespread audience while investing in something consumers are passionate about.

Quiznos Pens Franchise Agreement in UAE

Quiznos, the toasted sandwich quick-service concept, announced a master franchise agreement with Royal Bun Café in the United Arab Emirates. The first three outlets are planned for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah by early next year. In addition to these flagship restaurants, Quiznos UAE foresees a total of 70 outlets over the next eight years in the country.

Built by Design

When it comes to all-American food like salads, sandwiches, and burgers, we all have our own version of perfect.

Assembly-line quick-service concepts are making sure customers have the ability to create that perfect menu item. By offering an array of fresh, quality ingredients—from conventional to gourmet—with the option to start from scratch or customize an existing menu item, build-your-own brands are introducing flavors and flavor combinations that engage, entice, and satisfy every palate.

QSR International Inks Deal for Quiznos in Nicaragua

QSR International signed a three-unit Quiznos development agreement for the country of Nicaragua with Industria de Comida Rápida S.A. Industria de Comida Rápida S.A. is managed by Bergman Castillo, CEO and founder of both Grupo Golan, a major security company, and Grupo de Comunicación S.A., a top advertising company in Nicaragua. QSR International has now signed four new development agreements for a total of 27 new restaurant units this year.

Quiznos Enjoys Summer with New Surf 'n' Turf Salads

In a study of healthy dining trends in the U.S. released earlier this month by Mintel Group LTD, consumers reported that demand for healthful restaurant options are more vital than ever. With less than 500 calories each, Quiznos two, chef-inspired Surf and Turf salads satisfy customer cravings for something low-calorie.


Quiznos Opening Doors in Russia

White nights aren't the only big attraction giving St. Petersburg residents something extra to smile about recently. Quiznos, one of the world's premier quick service restaurant chains, announced its first two Russian locations are now open for business. St. Petersburg is home to the first of hundreds of Quiznos planned to open in Russia over the next 10 years. The openings are the latest in a series of recent Quiznos international development announcements, including expansion into Mexico.