Quiznos Makes Allergies a Priority With New App

Quiznos added an ‘Interactive Allergy Menu’ tool to its U.S. website and mobile phone applications to make ordering easier for customers with food allergies and restrictions.


A customer simply selects foods or ingredients he wishes to avoid and immediately views all available Quiznos menu options. Customers can choose from hundreds of combinations of items to avoid including the eight major allergen groups or specific ingredients like MSG, gluten, or sulfites.

Quick-Service Pro Joins Board of GRILLiT

GRILLiT, Inc. announced that it has elected Rob Elliott to serve as chairman of the board of directors.

Elliott has served in senior executive or consulting roles for Little Caesars Pizza, Quiznos, Friendly's Restaurants, Firehouse Subs, Papa Murphy's Pizza, and Hungry Howies Pizza.

Elliott is an accomplished senior marketing executive recognized for the development of several successful brands through the implementation of aggressive business strategies, focused creative materials, and solid media planning.

Quiznos Spices Things Up with New Chicken Fajita Sub

Quiznos has introduced an exciting new sub, Chicken Fajita, for a limited time only. Quiznos was bold enough to translate fajitas from a traditional format into an inspired sub. Regional Mexican and Latin American flavors are among the top flavor trends of 2013, according to Mintel.

Quiznos Spices Up the Menu with New Chicken Fajita Sub

Quiznos has introduced a new sub, Chicken Fajita, for a limited time only, inspired by regional Mexican and Latin American flavors that are among the top flavor trends for 2013, according to Mintel.

The subs includes oven-roasted, all-white-meat chicken breast; fresh-sliced, tri-color bell peppers; Cheddar cheese; and a new Fajita Lime sauce on the new toasted Jalapeno Cheddar Baguette.

Quiznos is also offering the sub in a Steak Fajita version, using its high-quality Black Angus steak.

The Story of the Sea

Customers are increasingly interested in the story behind their food. That’s good news for the seafood industry.

The fish used for McDonald’s Fish McBites and Filet-O-Fish sandwich is not local. Nor is the product used for Long John Silver’s Whitefish Fillet. Same goes for Wendy’s Premium Fish Fillet Sandwich, Jack in the Box’s Fish Sandwich, and Quiznos’ Lobster and Seafood Salad.

Not local, that is, unless the consumer lives in a place where the sun might not come up until 9:30 a.m., depending on the time of year. A place where even Subway and Starbucks have not ventured. A place at the edge of the world.

Wendy's Ranks No. 1 for Kid-Friendly, Healthy Options

According to Restaurant DemandTracker, a recent survey of restaurant customers in the United States, households with younger kids are much more likely to seek out restaurants with kid-friendly menus, and many of those consumers are looking for healthier food items on the menu for their families.

Households with younger children are especially likely to value a kid-friendly menu and slightly more likely to value healthy menu choices than households with older children.

QSR International Celebrates 100th Quiznos Unit in Ecuador

QSR International, a 141-unit multibrand master franchise quick-service restaurant developer conducting business in 15 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, recently celebrated the opening of its 100th Quiznos restaurant in the new Paseo San Francisco Shopping Center in Quito, Ecuador.

Paseo San Francisco is located in the fastest-growing area of Ecuador’s capital city.

Quiznos Sees 20 Percent Boost in Coupon Usage

Sense Networks, the leader in delivering mobile ads based on mobile location and behavioral-targeting data, announced the successful completion of a mobile advertising campaign with Quiznos, a Denver, Colorado–based quick-service restaurant chain.

Sense Networks and Quiznos worked together during November and December of 2012 to target potential Quiznos customers with relevant mobile ads of local coupons. 

The World Traveler (Full Transcript)

You’ve been on the job two months now. Where was Quiznos’ International when you joined, and what’s the direction you’re trying to set? When I joined, there was a significant presence of Quiznos in the world. We aspire to increase that presence significantly over the next few years. But I also have been able to build a team pretty much internally to support international, because there may not have been a proper focus on the operational aspects of the international franchisee.