Saving Quiznos

After flirting with bankruptcy and enduring years of falling numbers, Quiznos is poised to right the ship.

For the first time in years, Quiznos franchisee Kevin Tackett and dozens of his fellow franchisees with the toasted-sub chain have reason to smile.

After three gloomy years of falling sales, shuttered stores, and mounting company debt, Quiznos finally appears positioned to reinvigorate the brand, build franchisee profitability, and unlock a more promising, sustainable future.

“The optimism is robust,” says Tackett, who owns seven Quiznos stores in Florida and one in Virginia.

Quiznos Restructures to Avoid Bankruptcy

Quiznos completed its previously announced financial restructuring on an out-of-court basis, helping the company avoid bankruptcy.

The agreement eliminates one-third – or about $300 million – of the company's outstanding debt, and provides a significant infusion of $150 million in new equity from Avenue Capital Group, a global investment firm, to position Quiznos for future growth.

Quiznos in Ecuador Opens with Outdoor Seating

QSR International, the Master Franchisee for Quiznos in Latin America and the Caribbean, is pleased to announce its continued expansion into the South American region with the opening of its third restaurant in Ecuador.

This restaurant, located in City Mall in Guayaquil, Ecuador, is operated by QZ Delifastfood Ecuador S.A., and is the first of three units planned for Guayaquil.

“Quiznos has resonated in the Ecuador marketplace very quickly,” says Juan Jose Crespo, CEO of QZ Delifastfood. “We believe that the quality of our Quiznos product is the best to be found anywhere.”

Quiznos’ Mobile Unit Rolls into Venezuela

Venezuela has officially welcomed Quiznos at the recent opening of Quiznos’ first-ever international mobile unit. The Oct. 15 opening of the mobile trailer coincided with the start of the Venezuelan winter league baseball season. Fans and visitors to the Jose Bernado Perez Stadium in Valencia can now enjoy the tasty, toasty goodness of Quiznos.

Quiznos’ Valencia-located mobile trailer is operated by Carlos Eduardo Lopez, managing director for Sub Q Corporation, headquartered in Valencia.

Quiznos Continues South American Expansion

QSR International, the master franchisee for Quiznos restaurants in Latin America and the Caribbean, is pleased to announce its continued expansion into the South American region. This past month, QSR signed a development agreement in Guyana with Camex Restaurants, Inc. The development agreement calls for five units to be opened within the next five years. Camex Restaurants, Inc., which is a franchisee of seven Church’s Chicken restaurants, three Dairy Queens, and one Marios Pizza, is based in Kingston Georgetown, Guyana.

Quiznos Adds 3 Teas in Move to Modernize Beverages

Quiznos rolled out a new tea platform nationwide in what one culinary executive says is a move to push the concept’s beverage envelope.

Zach Calkins, senior vice president of culinary innovation at Quiznos, says the chain’s three new tea offerings help it stay ahead of consumer demand.

“We were looking to refresh our beverage program as a whole … saying, ‘OK, consumers are changing, they don’t use the fountain as much, we need to make sure we’re ahead of that in providing more modern types of beverage offerings,’” he says.

Meijer Deal Expands Quiznos' Nontraditional Strategy

Quiznos announced a relationship with Meijer, a Great Lakes region supercenter chain and grocery retailer based in Michigan. The partnership calls for Quiznos restaurants to open inside Meijer locations in Michigan. The relationship between Quiznos and Meijer is the most recent in a series of successful partnerships and store openings in Quiznos’ nontraditional development strategy.

Quiznos Coming to Vermont Convenience Stores

Quiznos announced a partnership with Vermont-based convenience and gasoline retailer, Champlain Farms, to open Quiznos restaurants inside Champlain Farms’ 40 locations. The partnership is a significant milestone in the company’s convenience store growth strategy and demonstrates a continued commitment to partner with strong, regional convenience store operators for success in the convenience store channel.

Quiznos Franchisee Association Open for Business

The Quiznos Franchisee Association (QZFA) is officially open for business. Quiznos franchisee owners can now join through the new association website www.Qfranchisees.org.

“It is essential for the sustainability of our business that Quiznos franchisee owners unite as members of QZFA,” says QZFA president Kevin Tackett. “We need to align ourselves in order to make a positive change in the business model and re-establish the value of the Quiznos brand.”

Quiznos Owners Form Franchisee Association

Quiznos Restaurant franchise owners are pleased to formally announce the formation of the Quiznos Franchisee Association (QZFA). QZFA will provide Quiznos franchise owners a platform to advocate for improved profitability, transparency, and stronger franchisor-franchisee relationships in order to enrich the value of the Quiznos brand.  

“This is a pivotal time for Quiznos franchise owners; we now have an opportunity to unite on common issues and protect our investments for the future of our businesses,” says Michael Slater, vice president of the Quiznos Franchisee Association.