The Case for Cheap Eats

In the hands of the quick-service restaurant operator, price might be the ultimate weapon, the key ingredient to swing a customer and prompt a purchase in today’s dollar-conscious market.

And the quick-service industry knows it all too well, an awareness that has sparked a decades-long raging debate about what cheap food—a term used here to describe price rather than a judgment on food quality—does for a restaurant brand, its operators, and the consumer.

Quiznos is Brazil-Bound

Quiznos, one of the nation’s premier quick-service restaurant (QSR) chains and pioneer of the toasted sandwich, announced a master franchise agreement has been signed to open the first Quiznos locations in Brazil as part of the company’s international development initiative. 

Expansion plans call for the development of 200 Quiznos restaurants in the North, Northeast, and Midwest of Brazil over the life of the agreement. Seven Quiznos locations will open in Brazil by the end of the year, with the first set to open this fall.

What's New at Quiznos? Pulled Pork

Quiznos, one of the nation’s premier quick-service restaurant chains and pioneer of the toasted sandwich, announced the launch of three new product innovations, including Quiznos’ Pulled Pork Subs, fresh Farmers’ Market Salads, and whole grain Flatbread Wraps.

The product lines are the latest signature tastes to come from former fine-dining chef and Quiznos SVP of Culinary Creation Zach Calkins’ “Innovation Kitchen.”

Quiznos and Hess Make a Team

Hess Corporation and Quiznos are preparing to announce a partnership that will put Quiznos restaurants into more than 50 Hess locations in the Tampa, Florida, market before the end of the year.

Convenience stores have sustained an annual growth rate in foodservice customers since 2005 and experts expect food sales will only continue to rise at C-stores.

Quiznos Strikes a Deal in India

Quiznos, pioneer of the toasted sandwich, announced that a master franchise agreement has been signed to open the first Quiznos location in India as part of the company’s international development initiative.

“At Quiznos, we are well-positioned for tremendous international expansion. With shifting demographics, a young upcoming population, and a growing affinity toward international brands among Indian consumers, our entrance into India represents an especially exciting opportunity for investment and growth,” says Lee Vala, international chief development officer.

The New Kids’ Meals

Kids’ menus have come a long way from the days when they were little more than sandwiches, soft drinks, and small fries for the small fries.

As parents increasingly seek out food that is healthful and nutritious for their children, particularly in light of America’s growing childhood-obesity crisis, restaurants have sought to provide menu items that are not only good for kids, but also taste great.

Lessons Learned

Whether it’s started by the internationally renowned franchisor or the ma-and-pa franchisee, litigation stands an unwelcome event in a relationship desperately needing trust, respect, and the singular, shared aim of bottom-line success. Over the last decade, however, a litany of franchisor-franchisee disputes have made their way into the courtroom, proving to be a time- and cost-consuming process littered with stress and frustration for both sides.

The 30-Day Challenge

Sharon Olson, president of Olson Communications, tests her will and waistline in a month-long experiment in which she only eats food from the top quick serves in the nation.

The Power of Two

Marketing professors over the years have lectured students that they should never give a customer too many choices. Quick-serve operators must have missed that class. A look at several successful quick-serve menus reveals some form of a Choose Two option, where consumers can create a meal by combining items from an array of choices.