Red Mango

Wonder Food

Look, up on the table! It’s a burdock. It’s a plantain. It’s … superfood!

Although there’s nothing really super-heroic about eating nutrition-rich fruits and vegetables, the foods give customers an opportunity to pursue healthier options at a time when many Americans are trying to rein in their eating habits. As such, these ingredients are showing up on more limited-service restaurant

Red Mango Puts the Skinny in Dessert with Skinny Sorbettos

Red Mango debuts “Skinny Sorbettos,” its new line of probiotic-infused, softly-frozen dairy free desserts. Inspired by the artisanal sorbets made famous in Italy, Skinny Sorbettos will be introduced in two flavors: low calorie, no sugar added Raspberry and low fat, sugar-free Dark Chocolate.

Red Mango is Headed South with Plans for Uruguay

Red Mango, the 2011 #1 Zagat-rated frozen yogurt and smoothies chain in America, has announced it is expanding to Uruguay, and will open the first Red Mango location in Montevideo on December 19. The growth is part of a five-store agreement with area developer Zacoxen, S.A., and marks the first introduction of Red Mango in South America.

A New Age for Women

This is not the 1950s. Women aren’t confined to the home, cooking, cleaning, and caring for the kids (unless they want to, of course), nor can they only find work as secretaries in a male-dominated corporate world. No, today, women have power: They can balance work and family life; they can excel in any profession; and, just like men, they can own their own businesses.

Red Mango Intros Pair of Fro-Yo Mashups

Delicious foods, when blended together, can create mind-blowing flavors, especially when frozen yogurt and decadent desserts are involved. 

This is why Red Mango, the No. 1 Zagat-rated frozen yogurt and smoothie chain in America, announced the launch of its new “Fro-Yo Mashups,” an innovative line of softly-swirled frozen desserts that are made by mashing up Red Mango all-natural, non-fat frozen yogurt and indulgent treats, like cookies and cupcakes.

Red Mango Bows 200th Store in Texas

Only five years after opening its first location, Red Mango, America’s No. 1 Zagat-rated frozen yogurt and smoothies chain, has announced its 200th store will open in The Woodlands, Texas, this month.

Located in The Woodlands Crossing Shopping Center, the store welcomes customers in a few days, and will champion many honors for the fast-growing chain.

In addition to being the 200th location, the newest Red Mango will feature eight yogurt machines serving 16 different flavors, the most of any Red Mango location in North America.

Red Mango Releases Lemonade Fro-Yo for Summer

Red Mango, America’s 2011 No. 1 Zagat-rated frozen yogurt and smoothies chain, invites the whole family to cool off in style this summer with its new Lemonade frozen yogurt and Frozen Lemonade Chillers, now available nationwide.

Labeled as “shockingly sweet and tangy,” the Lemonade frozen yogurt and Frozen Lemonade Chillers are blended with the signature all-natural and award-winning Red Mango non-fat yogurt. 

Red Mango Debuts Honey Badger Flavor Via Social Media

Red Mango has introduced its newest frozen yogurt flavor called Honey Badger. And the only way the company is promoting it to consumers outside of its stores is through social media.

The first-ever social-only flavor launch from Red Mango follows the similarly named feisty animal that won millions of viewers in a YouTube sensation. And much like the iconic Honey Badger that stops at nothing in the wild, the frozen yogurt flavor is already showing its championship status on the menu in the hearts, minds, and online posts of fans of Red Mango.