Salad Creations

January 2011

Restaurant operators have spent 2010 in wait-and-see mode. The economy seems to have survived the financial collapse of 2008—survived being used quite literally here, as in, not died—and is even slowly growing. But consumers are still pinching pennies, and staying...

Salad Creations kicks off the summer months with new menu items including the Bang’n BBQ Chicken Salad, the Salmon Cobb Salad, and the Salmon Panini.
Salad Creations experiencing strong growth this year, with new restaurants opening in Detroit, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and elsewhere.
The international restaurant franchise is accepting donations for the Food For The Poor Haiti Earthquake Fund in hopes that patrons will aid the cause.
Meeting in Fort Lauderdale area to inform potential franchisees, provide opportunity to win $25,000 franchise fee.