San Diego Sloan’s the First to Open Outside Florida

Sloan’s Ice Cream, the ice cream brand known for its bold pink and neon green walls and heaping amounts of candy, toys, and homemade ice cream, will open the doors to its first Southern California franchise location on November 28, also known as “Black Friday.”

This is a historic moment for Sloan’s Ice Cream and the San Diego shop’s franchisee Ali Hajisattari. It marks the first Sloan’s location outside of its home South Florida market.

Sloan’s Ice Cream Awards First CA Franchise Deal

Sloan’s Ice Cream announced that it has awarded the first franchise location outside of South Florida to local San Diego entrepreneur Ali Hajisattari. The announcement comes just a few weeks after revealing that the brand had solidified its Westfield UTC local in San Diego.

“Ali is exactly the right person to grow the brand in California ” says Sloan Kamenstein, CEO and founder of Sloan’s Ice Cream. “His business expertise is outstanding, and we are confident that he will continue to uphold the excellent reputation that Sloan’s Ice Cream has garnered with its customers.”

Sloan's Ice Cream Debuts in California

Sloan’s Ice Cream opens this summer in San Diego, California.

Widely known for its colorful presence throughout South Florida, Sloan’s is making its arrival to the West Coast at the Westfield UTC Shopping Centre in San Diego. Opening on the high-end mall’s main level, Sloan’s will be situated adjacent to the movie theater and kids play area, near other well-trafficked retail shops.

Can Ice Cream Survive?

They seemed to pop up almost overnight. In strip malls and on street corners across the country, frozen-yogurt shops suddenly offered an exciting new option for America’s collective sweet tooth, teasing at healthfulness and innovating with self service and customization. Once concentrated mostly in warm coastal cities or urban centers, fro-yo concepts spread to countless towns, suburbs, and neighborhoods across the country, with names like Pinkberry, Red Mango, and Menchie’s.

The New Face of R&D

There’s no way around the truth that social media is now a critical tool for limited-service restaurant brands.

It plays an influential role in marketing and building brand identity, and allows concepts to reach out to and interact with fans and followers to build deeper relationships.

But using social media is about more than just advertising products and promotions on Facebook and Twitter.

Today, many brands in the industry are taking it a step further, using social media and crowdsourcing to help create new products and flavors.

SoCal Entrepreneur Delivers Sloan's Ice Cream to Cali

Palm Beach, Florida–based Sloan’s Ice Cream—a luxury brand combining flavors with over-the-top aesthetics, including bold pink and neon green walls and heaping amounts of candy, toys, and homemade ice cream—announced it has signed a franchise agreement with local businessman and entrepreneur Larry Greenberg.

Terms of the agreement include Greenberg opening multiple units throughout Southern California. Site selection is underway, and Greenberg plans to open his first Sloan’s later this year.

Sloan's Picks a Winner with Apple Caramel Crisp Ice Cream

It was a race to the finish in the final moments of the contest, but with six more votes, apple crisp with a caramel swirl inched out a flavor tribute to a traditional Chanukah doughnut.

West Palm Beach, Florida, resident Katya Zeidan prevailed and her winning apple caramel crisp ice cream flavor will appear in all of Sloan’s South Florida locations for a limited time during the holidays, the busiest time of the season for Sloan’s.